Infection and vaccination: – Norway is hit by a proper storm

Infection and vaccination: - Norway is hit by a proper storm

Not so many new cases of infection have been reported in a single day in Norway. So many vaccine levels have not yet been sent to municipalities. Keer Bukolm, director of infection control at the National Institutes of Public Health, is concerned that this is happening all at once.

– We know municipalities are in a difficult situation because they both have to set up multiple vaccines and carry out work related to testing, isolation, infection detection and isolation (TISK). At the same time, we know that some of the same people are used to doing different tasks, says Bucolm with Ducklatt.

– We still hope the municipalities can implement this, and we have not received feedback from them that the vaccine dose could not be set. But we are very excited about how this will progress and follow the situation closely.

Infection Director: Keer Bukolm at the National Institutes of Public Health. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB
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As of Thursday, 1415 new cases of infection had been reported in Norway. This week, more than a million doses of the vaccine were sent to municipalities, and next week, a million doses are sent out.

– This is a situation that we are considering very carefully, we are concerned. This puts some burden on the same people in the municipalities, but because it is at a point of relief in infection control measures. We should expect infection rates to increase and the number of close contacts to rise significantly, thus making infection detection more difficult.

Infection registration: Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup has appealed to those who have not been vaccinated by Nuxstad. Host: Jostin Sleton / Doppleted TV
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Disk system

Frode Forland, technical director at FHI, tells Dagbladet that some municipalities are struggling to reduce eruptions as a result of the new TISK strategy, which replaces infection isolation with testing.

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– In most municipalities, the current disk strategy is completely uncomplicated. There are so many explosions in so many schools in so many municipalities, so much pressure. We are in contact with the municipalities of Frederickstadt, Bergen, Alessand, Stavanger and many more.

– What steps can be taken to liberate TISK systems in municipalities?

– We will continue to look at what is most important to implement if you have employee challenges. Municipalities are encouraged to support their neighboring municipalities and may prioritize vaccination and isolation rather than diagnosing the infection if the situation is challenging.

Subject Director: Frode Foreland at the National Institutes of Public Health.  Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB
Subject Director: Fraud Forland at the National Institutes of Public Health. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB
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Currently, about 50 people are admitted to Norwegian hospitals with Govit-19. In the worst case scenario, more than 300 Govit-19 patients have been admitted.

– Mainly those admitted with Covit-19 in Norway are unvaccinated. Reminds you that you need a vaccine. People who have been vaccinated against the disease get very sick, but we find that some of the elderly, those with underlying diseases, or the weak, are one of those hospitalized, Forland says.

– Based on the number of people admitted to our pain threshold hospital, the number of deaths and the capacity of the health service – and that capacity is not currently pressed.

Subject Director: Frod Foreland at the National Institutes of Health on the Infectious Disease in Norway. Video: Jonas GS Anderson
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Set up immediately

Director of Infection Control Bukolm hopes that by the end of next week all adults in Norway will be given a second dose of the vaccine.

– We hope the dose will be set immediately, i.e. the same week that municipalities receive the vaccines. But vaccines can last up to four weeks if stored in the refrigerator. Foucault says it is important to fully vaccinate people between the ages of 18 and 45 as a result of the current infection situation.

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– Not so much dose shipped in a week in Norway. Previously, we had set 100,000 doses during a day, but if one could change this dose, new records would have to be set, he explains, setting the average dose at 140,000 a day.

Norway will probably transition to a normal daily life with increased readiness in September. Bucolm says vaccination speed is favorable for the reopening program.

– This is very favorable considering the re-opening plan. When 90 percent of adults are fully vaccinated, it becomes clear that we are in a completely different situation than we are today. There will be a basis for normalizing the community and returning to everyday life, just like it was before Corona came.

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