June 6, 2023


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Infection rates skyrocketing - Johnson's party decision attracts attention

Infection rates skyrocketing – Johnson’s party decision attracts attention

The omicron variant predominates in England, and national health authorities report several thousand cases of infection each day.

Meanwhile, Britain’s health minister, Sajid Javid, is ruling out new measures this year.

This is despite the fact that the rest of the British Union, which consists of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, introduces a number of contact-limiting measures.

Great Britain It had high infection rates throughout Christmas, and on Christmas Eve, 122,186 new cases and 137 new coronary deaths were reported. England accounted for 105,069 cases, or 86% of cases.

On Christmas Day, 113,628 cases of infection were reported – all in England. Figures for the past few days are still incomplete due to the Christmas holidays, according to British health authorities.

This is how the selection is made

Boris Johnson’s government says it will take no further action during 2021. But:

Of course, people should be careful when the New Year celebration approaches, and take a corona test if it makes sense. Celebrate outdoors if you can, and make some ventilation indoors if you can, said Health Minister Sajid Javid BBC.

– When we enter the new year, we will of course see if we need more measures.

Health Minister: Sajid Javid. Photo: Dominic Lipinski / Pa Photos

He says health authorities now estimate 90 per cent of all infections in England are of the highly contagious new Omicron type, according to Reuters.

Javid previously said the government’s focus is on the number of patients admitted with Omicron, and Justify the choice with two recent studies which states that there is less risk of developing serious illness with the omicron variant.

A maximum of six people can meet in private teams

In Wales, a maximum of six people can meet in private in pubs, cinemas and restaurants. A maximum of 30 people is set for indoor events and 50 people for outdoor events.

A distance of two meters will be required in public places, while nightclubs will be closed.

In Scotland, there is a one-meter requirement at events and a maximum of 100 people at indoor events without seats, 200 at events with seats and 500 outdoors.

A maximum of three families can meet in places such as bars, restaurants, cultural venues, and gyms.

In Northern Ireland, nightclubs are also closed, while indoor events without seats are no longer allowed.

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