January 30, 2023


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Influences, Drammen Kristen Jelsvik was rushed to Drammen Hospital

(The newspaper online) Blogger and influencer Kristin Jelsvik, 36, wrote on Instagram Thursday afternoon that she is currently in the emergency department at Drammen Hospital.

Jelsvik writes that she has had severe headaches in recent weeks. When this headache appeared on Thursday, I called the doctor.

– I got an appointment after 20 minutes and was greeted by a wonderful doctor who took the situation seriously. I was referred to a neurologist immediately, and it wasn’t long before I had to wait in the emergency room before I was called.

The influencer then writes that the neurologist was worried it could be a brain hemorrhage, but it wasn’t made clear if it was actually a brain hemorrhage.

– Now I am in good hands, I am waiting for the results of a CT scan, and if necessary there may be hospitalization and a spinal puncture. I wrote: If it turns out that there is a distention of a blood vessel, I will have to operate, but let’s cross our fingers that it is a completely normal tension headache.

Drammens Tidende failed to make contact with Gjelsvik on Friday afternoon.

Thursday evening is the debate on NRK, where the topic of the evening’s discussion is whether it should be allowed to make money by bragging about children on social media. Jelsvik should have been involved in this debate, but her director, Felde Christine Darvik, maintains otherwise VG that Gjelsvk will not be allowed to participate in the broadcast.

Kristen Jelsvik first became known when she took part in the real estate show “Paradise Hotel”. Since then, she has established herself as a blogger, influencer, and social debater. She also participated in the reality shows “Farmen Kjendis”, “Bloggerne” and “Camp Culinaris”.

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