June 9, 2023


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Ingvild Kerkol gets a review from Dine Sundfor and Mina Gerhardsen after Helsegost Furuseth – NRK Trøndelag

I find the Health Minister’s response vague, passive and evasive.

Nutritionist Dine Sundfor says after watching Health and Care Minister Ingwilt Kerkol (AP) participate in the TV series. “Healthy Food Furuseth”.

Host Else Kass Furuseth and Sundfor are supervisors for four participants who want to lose weight.

In Chapter Five In this series, Furuset challenged the Minister of Health on what to do to improve the challenges Norwegians face with obesity.

Her answers did not impress Sundfor.

Tine Sundfør is a nutritionist and she participates in Else Kåss Furuseth’s TV series.

Photo: Anita Saleh

I wonder what Kjerkol is

More than half of Norway’s population is overweight.

The health minister is directly challenging Norwegians’ eating habits, especially sugary foods and drinks Snacks etc.

The tax system can be looked at, but it still has some consequences. This has consequences for producers, and it has consequences for broader issues. Kerkol says cross-border trade will also be a topic in the series.

Kerkol also says there is little knowledge of price gouging.

We are not opposed to looking at the tax system, but we cannot focus on it unilaterally. In order to do that So Too expensive to smoke has a completely demonstrable effect. While sugary foods and drinks are very expensive, we don’t have good evidence that it helps.

This causes Sundfor to stumble.

I wonder what Kjerkol really means and if she is aware of the research available in the field. As obesity and related diseases are one of the biggest public health challenges in Norway today, I think that is to be expected from the Minister of Health.

Otherwise he challenges the health minister

I think there is enough good documentation

– DThere is considerable professional literature that shows price as an action. A sugar tax in particular has been shown to contribute to reducing sugar intake and provide positive health benefits to the population. The international report is well summarized “Health Taxes to Save Lives”. The WHO has recommended price measures as a cost-effective measure, Sundfor says.

He also mentions a new report Calculates the total societal costs of obesity at NOK 68 billion annually.

If we can save some of the billions caused by obesity in Norway, we can use these to change the operations of Norwegian producers to help them produce healthier Norwegian food products.

Disappointment with Kergol

Gjerkol almost dismisses tariffs, which is disappointing considering cross-border trade and manufacturers. Taxes are one of the most effective things we can use to push consumption in a healthy direction.

This is what Mina Gerhardson says. President of the National Association for Public Health.

The Public Health Agency has shown that the sugar tax cuts have not caused any cuts to Swedish trade. only «gain» Sweets at home became cheaper and consumption increased.

Considerations for productivity should not trump considerations for health. Experience with soft drinks shows great potential for coming up with good alternatives without sugar, says Gerhardsen.

Mina Gerhardson, Secretary General of the National Association for Public Health

Mina Gerhardson, president of the National Association for Public Health.

Photo: Andre Bendiksen / NRK

Happy to discuss

Health Minister Ingwil Kerkol responded to the criticism by saying he knew the taxes and regulations were working. At the same time, he believes that overweight and obesity should be fully met.

Kerkol also says that since the series was registered in June last year, a public health report has been submitted.

A common thread working with public health reporting is reducing social disparities, promoting good mental health and facilitating healthy lifestyles. – And A Healthy food. These are factors associated with overweight and obesity. Our goal is to help people live longer, better and healthier lives.

Kejriwal meets the press

BE THIN: Health and Care Minister Ingwil Kerkol (AP)’s participation in “Helsecost Furuseth” has led many to ask critical questions about the minister’s response to obesity challenges in this country.

Photo: Hannah Johre / NTB

A good course of action must be found

Therefore, he will look at many things to improve the health of Norwegians and ensure that the measures are more effective.

One of our actions in the Public Health Report was to launch an external inquiry into measures to promote healthy eating. Such instruments may, for example, be financial instruments.

So I would by no means rule out that a sugar tax could be part of the overall strategy, but I would wait for the inquiry to see the full proposals before we conclude..

The group will also explore possible measures to make healthy food cheaper, which Kerkol says is just as important as making unhealthy food more expensive.

– At the same time, diet is about creating good lifestyle habits. So we target many activities at children and young people. Among other things, we will develop tools to help more people get school meals, look at age limits for energy drinks and protect children and young people from the marketing of unhealthy food and drinks.

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