Inheritance Controversy over Anne Grete Preus Tools – VG

Inheritance Controversy over Anne Grete Preus Tools - VG
Anne Great Prius in the studio in 2009.

After the death of artist Anne Grete Preus in August 2019, a controversy arose over the interpretation of his will. His brother has now lost in district court.

The famous artist, who turned 62, died in August 2019 due to ill health.

He wrote a will in the spring of 2018, which changed the previous will from 2014. Disagreements have now arisen among the heirs over how to interpret the new will.

His brother, Hans Rockner Prius, took the case to court.

– In the judgment from the Oslo District Court, the parties disagreed on how parts of the will should be interpreted.

Five defendants, four and Amnesty International Norway were confirmed in Oslo District Court and have to pay Hans Rockner Prius NOK 148,500 legal costs.

– Fully funded

The highlight of the controversy over some of the equipment owned by Villa Elvestrom A / S was once founded by Anne Creed Prius and she was the sole shareholder.

According to the judgment, the company and the contents and parts of the movable property were not mentioned in the will.

– These properties belong to his brother Hans Rockner Prius, as he is his legal heir, as stated in the judgment.

According to the judgment, the parties agree that the ownership of the tools cannot be immediately distributed to those mentioned in the will.

Hans Preus stated that instructions were given to the trustee from Anne Gret, that is, that the estate buy the tools from Villa Elvestrøm AS and then distribute them to the persons mentioned in the will.

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In 2020, the company was listed with NOK 623,000 assets and a pre-tax profit of NOK 36,000.

– It is my hope that Ann Gret’s wish will come true. Second, my goal is for us to raise funds so that the funds for the purchase of the equipment that they will be given to those who have donated will go fully into the fund. Hans Rockner tells Prius Vijay that if we had heard about this, both would have been uncomplicated.

She claims to have founded the Anne Creed Prius Foundation, which, among other things, aims to “manage musical works with and without Anne Creed Prius lyrics and provide scholarships to female musicians”.

– If we lose the qualifying case now, it will be the first priority to comply with Ann Creed’s last wish, but unfortunately it will be very difficult to get the powerful funding that should be the bulk of her musical heritage, but we will achieve something. , He says.

Did not pass

Among other things, the will stipulates that the apartment of Anne Creed Prius must be sold, and that the sale proceeds, along with bank accounts and stock savings accounts, must be inherited by a fixed amount of three persons, with the remainder to be distributed to 20 persons. Percentage for each of the defendants.

Defendants in the case point out that the will does not contain the rules that a fund must be established or that the funds of Villa Elvestrøm AS must be included in a fund.

– She also has no specific options to accommodate her brother. Hans Bruce’s statement also confirms that they agreed not to give anything to each other. So, she knew in that look that he had inherited it, so there was no reason to believe it was the company’s neglect. Defendants claim in the judgment of the Oslo District Court that she imagined that the company should be dissolved when she died, and that the liquidation was carried out in order to fulfill that wish.

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The court acquits the culprits.

– It would have been natural for the company to be mentioned if it intended to provide some significant liquid funding for the equipment and play a role after his death, it said in the court assessment.

But this does not mean that the tools mentioned in the will were not easily available on the estate at the time of death.

– A solution must be decided and implemented under the auspices of the Company as far as possible within the framework followed from the Tax and Accounting Act. However, it states that the company has no legal obligation to do so.

VG has been in contact with Paul Remn, lawyer for Hans Rockner Prius, who is currently unwilling to comment on the case. Defendants’ attorney Caroline Henriksen was also absent.

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