Initiates to raise criticism |

Initiates to raise criticism |

Buck Bruchman

Writing workshops are divided into digital and physical block. In Bergen, they are led by Christopher Jules Larsen, art critic and associate professor at University College Western Norway. In Tromsø and Oslo, they are held by Halvor Haugen, freelance editor, writer and translator, and Nina Chjonsby, art story writer and editor.

Fadnes, who has also written for Arkitektnytt, For Order, says the goal is to find both architects and non-architects with an itch to write and an interest in architecture’s place in society.

We hope to bring in people from diverse backgrounds. Today we have the trade press and Gaute Brochmann in Morgenbladet. In addition, Bergens Tidende invested in Rubing in an exemplary way. But to get more votes, we think more effort is needed.

hairy targets

The goal is for architectural criticism to become as natural a part of criticism as other cultural criticism of books, films, music – and national, regional and local newspapers to focus on architecture.

At the same time, we know that cultural newsrooms are constantly being cut down, so we know it’s tough. However, we believe that there is potential to elevate the discussions beyond the promotional texts of architects, which is today the most popular architectural review. In the extreme, the goal of hair lifting is to create a better structure. We can only do this if we dare, through criticism, to ask specific questions about all the choices that are made before something is built, says Astrid Vadnes.

Courses are still open for registration in Tromsø. It is also possible to register for a waiting list in Oslo and Bergen. The courses are also followed by a discussion of architectural criticism in the Three Cities. These are open to all and are arranged in Bergen (October 7 in Code), Tromsø (20 October) and Oslo (4 November). Read more she has.

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