Injured person in Christiansand – VG

Injured person in Christiansand - VG
The man was reported missing Sunday morning in the Byzantium area of ​​Christiansand.

Police are searching for witnesses in the case of a man found in Byzantium in Christiansand on Sunday morning.


Sunday morning at about 8 p.m. Police were informed that one person was found with serious injuries in Christiansand.

The person was taken to hospital, where he is described as critically injured.

The Akhtar Police District has launched a forensic investigation at the scene and is conducting further tactical and technical investigations to clarify what happened and how the person was injured.

The course of events is not clear. Police told Viji at 6pm that they were still working to clarify what happened.

– We work to get as much information as possible about on-site movements and video recordings. Acting lawyer Vanja Purovol says if anyone knows the information, they should contact the police.

Police rushed to the scene after a man was found injured in Christiansand on Sunday morning. The person has been admitted to hospital with serious injuries.

When the VG contacted the Akhtar police district around 5pm on Sunday, they said they knew the identity of the person involved but did not want to go out with further information for privacy reasons.

Police are also reluctant to provide information on suspicious crimes.

Henrik Bijukan Hecktall, a police attorney in the Actor Police District, said the VG location, formerly a police area, was defined outside.

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When asked about the witnesses, the police prosecutor replied:

– This is part of the work that the police will do in the future. Then it would be appropriate to speak with any witness.

Viji contacted the Akhtar police district on Sunday night. They said there was nothing new in the case at present.

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