September 26, 2022


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Inoxen raises concerns about the status of the armed forces

Inoxen raises concerns about the status of the armed forces

The case is updated.

The Secretary of Defense, Odd Roger Inoxen, presented on Friday Deposit Noticesn on priority changes, status and measures in the defense sector.

Delays and cost overruns in the armed forces are of concern to the Secretary of Defense.

– The situation of the armed forces is not what it should be, says Enoxen.

Development in Evenes and ├śrlandet will be more expensive than planned, and the problems with the NH90 helicopters have not been resolved. According to the government, this presents challenges for frigates and the Coast Guard. In addition, the backlog of maintenance work on the construction is significant.

New materials arrive later than planned, construction projects become more expensive and we have challenges in retaining and hiring the right expertise. He warns that this is concerning in the security policy setting we are in after the invasion of Ukraine.

Instant Action Alerts

Enoksen announces a broad review to assess the necessary re-prioritization.

These are the immediate government actions to improve the operational capability of the armed forces:

  • Increasing naval activity and necessary support in the North: Increasing the number of sailing days with frigates, submarines, coast guards and cruisers in the northern regions in 2022.
  • Increase responsiveness and availability in the military: More training and exercises for the Northern Brigade and Finnmarkland Defense increases the response capacity and will also contribute to a closer integration of the Allies.
  • Further training for the district structure and work teams in the National Guard: The government gives priority to the annual training of work teams on high effort and increase the share of the structure of the region.
  • Increased preparedness for crises and war: According to the government, the market is under pressure to acquire emergency equipment and ammunition. The government will enter into dialogue with close allies to assess what can be obtained in the short term. In addition, the government will give priority to fulfilling fuel stocks.
  • Improving the ability to counter complex threats: The capacity for intrusion tests and the ability to deal with unwanted digital incidents has been increased in both the NSA and the armed forces. At the same time, the preparedness for civil emergencies and civil defense has been strengthened. In addition, the presence and intelligence in the north will be strengthened by the government’s strengthening of the intelligence service in 2022.
  • Strengthening the ability of the armed forces to receive and support the Allied forces mainly in the north: The government prioritizes upgrading the operational areas and improving shelter capacity in selected locations. Furthermore, arrangements are being made for further allied drills and exercises at Inner Troms through the construction and development of priority property and inventory building.
  • Strengthening international efforts: Norway prioritizes increased contributions to NATO, bilateral operations and international exercises. Among other things, the government will modernize the Coast Guard vessel KV Nordkapp so that it can contribute to Allied readiness.
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