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Johanne Refseth

I’m an Instagram veteran, This is it Someone who has a large account for a long time. We social media veterans are ancient and curious creatures who can tell tales of a time when the algorithm favored those who posted twice a day, and the posters had yet to be invented.

Then I love blue eyes Posted on Instagram in 2015, the outdoor refreshment was absolutely top notch.

It was a place where I met like-minded people, people who thrived better under the spruce in the forest than in the city. Others think it’s perfectly normal to burn their wages on a sleeping pad, and then live on oatmeal until Christmas.

But by the time my account reached 1000 followers, the problems arose. Specifically, one of my photos went viral. He disappeared into the World Wide Web and came back with more “likes” than I’ve ever seen.

The columnist’s photo that went viral on Instagram.

Photo: Johan Refseth

I don’t like to admit it, because I’m an adult and I have a job, responsibilities, etc., but I’m getting high. Imagine that many liked the photo you took!

The problem was that after that, Instagram started to revolve around something other than campfire smoke and tent tips. It was about getting an amazing photo, to take the one you just loved. I climbed into it with skin and hair. Motif, editing and number of thread hooks.

As if there was a secret recipe that would make me happy again to be loved by people from all over the world.

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quick google search It reveals that I am not the only one who has questioned this. There are countless sites, forums, and self-proclaimed experts that want to sell you the solution to how to beat on Instagram.

Unfortunately, I eventually realized that the answer is much simpler.

just about. Midway In the bowl of whining due to the fact that one of my other posts, despite mountains and sunsets, didn’t make it to Instagram, I began to realize that I was hardly the only psychiatrist left on social media. The difference was that others worked for him Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram, and was not intended to improve Norwegian public health. Their goal is to get you hooked as much as possible.

I realized that Instagram Gave sporadic reinforcements. This means that you get many “likes” on some photos, without there being a set system for it. And that’s exactly the gist: it shouldn’t be a system, but you have to believe that there is a system – and you have to look for it.

Lofoten.  Photo from Johan Refseth's Instagram account.

One of the columnist’s photos that, despite the mountains and sunsets, never made it to Instagram.

Photo: Johan Refseth

In other words, Instagram acts like one-armed thieves: they pay off insane often, but you never know when. This makes you keep pulling your arm in the hope of hitting the big win.

In other words: You can continue to pitch your tent on top of the mountain, although you may thrive near a fishing lake. You are catching your mobile in the sunset which you may enjoy.

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Or maybe you’re wearing tighter clothes than you feel comfortable, because they look better in pictures (or because you are Think That’s because he hit last).

You do all this Because some tech manufacturers in the US have created a program that plays on the most vulnerable aspects of us, the desire to be equal.

They find that if humans give us what we aspire to, i.e. get to know other people in completely unpredictable parts, they can get millions of people to work with them for free (it’s so clever I wish you could find it yourself)!

not only this, They can make us neglect everything from work to leisure and family to find this system.

Around this time, I started serving up how many likes I got, and since then my account has been alternating between high commit and very bad commit, depending on how the posts matched the algorithm.

thing is That if you want to have a happy life on social media, you should stop chasing “likes” immediately. Know that the system you are looking for does not exist. It’s not a candidate, an idea, or a certain number of pieces of work that matter. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t.

In periods one thing is preferred, in other periods something else. It changes, precisely because you shouldn’t find out, but keep looking. They want you to spend your time there, rather than your time in your life.

And next time You pick up the phone in the middle of a sunset that you had better enjoy in peace and quiet, and then ask yourself:

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Do I really want to work for free at Zuckerberg now, or should I get my life back?

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