Installing solar panels at home – the interest has risen dramatically with the rise in electricity prices

Installing solar panels at home - the interest has risen dramatically with the rise in electricity prices

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(Elbil24): Electricity prices have risen to a record level, which has created great interest in alternative forms of energy. Many players have reported huge demand from individuals and companies who want to reduce their electricity bill by installing their solar system.

The possibilities are enormous. According to Multiconsult, more solar energy can be produced than the total combined energy production from water and wind today.

Long waiting time

But it’s not just about going to the store, buying the solar panels, and coming home and running it. First, the actual installation must be done by authorized personnel, and secondly, it can take a long time from ordering to receiving the panels. On average, you now have to wait 6-9 months, writes NRK.

The reasons are largely the same as those currently affecting a number of other product groups, including electric cars: the war in Ukraine, the epidemic and drought in China.

Drought and penalties

For solar cell manufacturers, it is largely about a shortage of aluminum and silicon, two essential components of the panels. The first is widely refined in Russia. Due to commercial actions, among other things, it is difficult to obtain enough aluminum clamps for the panels, according to sources NRK has been in contact with.

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At the same time, China is a major supplier of silicon, but thanks to the worst drought in 60 years in several places in the country – with the accompanying energy crisis, the silicon industry also faces significant challenges at the moment. Low activity exceeds the production capacity of companies that manufacture solar panels – they are also largely located in China.

It receives support from the state

If you are going to buy solar panels for your home, you can apply for financial support from Enova. You can read more about it in this case:

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