Instrument in Tons of Rock: The Ultimate Music Experience

Instrument in Tons of Rock: The Ultimate Music Experience

Prog metal's answer to Pink Floyd was hugely supported by a loyal following. Tool in Tons of Rock was a perfect musical experience.

Adam Jones on guitar and vocalist Maynard James Keenan help make the instrument relentless.  Together with a dedicated audience, they created a concert experience at Tons of Rock

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Just as Metallica did on opening day, Tool adapted to the festival occasion. Metallica performed an intense show. The instrument usually plays a long all-night concert with an intermission, such as a formal evening at the theatre. They also tend to have complete control over their surroundings in terms of sound and light, which is difficult to control. So they take the necessary measures.

The American prog band packs two sets into an effective ninety-minute playing time. The way they position themselves on stage sounds more like a traditional festival band than they do when they play indoors. So much so that you could call them a traditional rock band when the first four songs of the show run for 45 minutes.

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