Intel aims to regain first place

Intel aims to regain first place

Circuit boards used in electronics are selling like hotcakes, and manufacturers are fighting among themselves to produce the most efficient circuit boards for use in, among other things, artificial intelligence.

Now Intel wants to comply CNBC To become the market leader in the production of electronic circuit boards, or “computer chips.”

“We want to make circuit boards for everyone, AI boards for everyone, and we want them to be made in American factories,” CEO Pat Gelsinger is said to have commented at the Computex technology conference in Taipei.

Intel will want to enhance its capabilities foundryThe business, which reported an operating loss of $7 billion in 2023 compared to the previous year. A foundry is a factory that produces electronic circuit boards from scratch.

According to CNBC, Intel's foundry business is not among the top six manufacturers, despite the fact that Intel was at the top not so long ago. Until 2017, Intel was the world's largest circuit board manufacturer, until Samsung took the leadership role. In 2023, Taiwan's TSMC overtook Samsung.

Financial support package

Among the aid that supports Intel's plans to become the market leader is that the United States will support the company with $8.5 billion through the so-called “Chips and Science Act.” Another $11 billion could be spit out as a loan at a later occasion.

The Chips and Science Act aims to support American electronics factories so they become less dependent on manufacturing in Southeast Asia.

“Support is critical. We have to have economic competitiveness if we want to build these plants in the United States.”

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Intel also wants to catch up with Nvidia and AMD in terms of revenue, which has risen sharply on the AI ​​wave recently, with many tech giants buying up everything from AI cards. Nvidia cards in particular are in high demand.

Nvidia and AMD, two American companies, do not have their own foundries, i.e. factories that make circuit boards from scratch, as Intel does. Intel hopes to be able to compete with TSMC's efficient data chips, which Nvidia uses in its AI cards.

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