May 25, 2022


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Intel launched the fastest 5GHz laptop CPU

It’s fun to watch Intel and AMD competitions.

Intel launches seven new laptop CPUs

AMD spent the day releasing three new video cards, while Intel came out with something completely different: the fastest CPU yet for laptops: the Core i9-12950HX.

New 12th-generation Lake-HX CPUs have near-desktop performance, filling H (high performance), P (ultra-thin), and U-series (ultra-lightweight and tablets).

The new HX King is really fast: Blender crushes the H Series at 81 percent better performance, and in CrossMark the performance is 33 percent better.

Here are some numbers from Intel:

Here are some numbers from the programs:

These run on a BGA platform and there are a total of seven CPUs spread across the usual Core i5, Core i7, and Core i9 models:

Can use a lot of watts

Performance compared to the H series is improved by throwing more cores, increased power consumption (all have 55W as a base and all can go up to 157 with max boost), upgraded PCIe lines and not least the possibility of overclocking.

This is the other side of the top piece:

Coming back a bit to the deepest, because there’s plenty of power here thanks to 24 wires and a 5GHz max. Without boost, it runs at a base frequency of 1.7 GHz on eight energy-saving cores (also contains eight high-performance cores)

HX is also the first series of laptops to support PCIe Gen 5 with a total of 48 PCIe lines (Gen 5 x 16, Gen 4 x 20, Gen 3 x 12). You can equip laptops with up to 16TB of storage and 28GB of LPDDR5 RAM:

These are the machines that will be available soon: