Intense attacks in all directions

Intense attacks in all directions

The Russian military claims to have launched massive attacks on the entire front line in Ukraine. This was reported by Agence France-Presse.

– The Russian Defense Ministry said that the air, missile and artillery forces are carrying out intensive attacks against Ukrainian defense units in all directions.

The alleged attacks come just days after Ukraine launched what was described as a “successful counterattack” and recaptured large areas.

At the same time, Ukrainian intelligence claims that the Russians are planning new attacks against the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia. Reports, among others Kyiv Independent.

Russia is planning to create a humanitarian crisis by attacking the entire Ukrainian energy system, the country’s intelligence agency spokesman Yury Yusov said in a statement.

– Putin wants to throw Ukraine and all of Europe into a dark and cold winter, he says.

Ukraine: Assistant professor at the Norwegian Defense University, Tom Rossith, believes that Ukraine will not try to advance into Russian territory in the border areas along Kharkiv. It will lead to an escalation of the war, Rosth believes. Video: AP / Telegram
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Russian researcher at Nupi, Jakub M.Godzimirski, stated on Monday daily newspaper He believed that the Ukrainians should bet on Russian retaliation after the advance in the east.

– He said that Putin is known to be a bad loser, so we have to expect that he will respond brutally to this.

Godzimirsky believes that the Russians will continue to attack civilian objects and use weapons without regard for the principles of international law.

to me British intelligence Does the Ukrainian success have “significant” consequences for the operational design of the Russians.

In an analysis of the think tank ISW It says Kyiv is increasingly likely to dictate where and how major battles take place, and that Russia will respond inadequately to the growing pressure, unless Moscow finds a way to regain the initiative.

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