Intense forest fire on Kos: Many Norwegians evacuated

Intense forest fire on Kos: Many Norwegians evacuated

The evacuation concerns a total of 59 Norwegian tourists – 38 of whom are travelling with Apollo, 15 with Ving and six with Tui.

He wrote that about fifty Swedish tourists were also evacuated on Monday evening. Aftonbladet.

The fire broke out in the Kardamena area on the Greek island of Kos, and authorities ordered the area to be evacuated.

– The situation on the island is critical, the island's mayor Nikitaras A. Theodossis wrote on Facebook on Monday evening.

At 11 p.m., volunteers are asked to participate in the firefighting work.

Kos Mayor Nikitaras A. Theodossis shared this photo of the fire in Kos on Monday evening. Photo: Nikitaras A. Theodossis, Facebook

Tourists are being evacuated to a safer part of the island.

– We have now arranged new hotels in safe areas for all our affected customers and they will now receive transport to their accommodation, Kristin Havnor Havoll, Apollo's press contact, in an email to VG at 23.30.

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– There are not as many Norwegians as there are Swedes in Kos among our customers, says Anne Mørk-Løwengreen at Tui to VG.

Mary Ann Zakrisson, Ving Norge's regional manager, tells VG that 15 of her 200 clients on Kos are living in hotels in the affected Kardamena area.

– We communicate with guests via SMS and transfer them by bus to one of our hotels in another part of Kos, you write in an email to VG.

They were evacuated to the football field.

Magnar Magerui and his family were evacuated from their hotel outside Kardamena this evening.

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– We were taken to a football stadium near the airport. Here there are thousands of people close to each other in a football stadium, he tells VG.

Magnar Magerui and his wife. Photo: Magnar Magerui

He followed the fire during the day, but said they were told it was under control. The family of five had dinner and a football game before the counter-notice:

The people who work here came running and said we had to pack our most important things.

Magerøy and his family are travelling with Tui, and have been told they will be spending the night in another hotel.

– Do you feel safe now?

“I know the wind is behind us now and we’re looking at the flames, and the authorities think it’s safe to be here,” says Mageroy. “So I feel safe.”

This is what the Magnar Magerøy Hotel looked like earlier today. Photo: Magnar Magerøy

He confirms that they are having a great time together.

– But it's uncomfortable to sit on an artificial turf pitch on the Greek island of Kos. When you pay for an all-inclusive hotel, it's downhill.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Monday that the country is facing a dangerous summer in terms of forest fires, Reuters reported.

– It is the summer that is expected to be particularly dangerous. He said the most difficult times are still ahead.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of the fire:

– The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been in contact with several Norwegian citizens affected by the wildfires in Greece, Deputy Director Helene Sandbø Reing wrote in an email to VG.

– Norwegian citizens there should listen to the advice of local authorities, stay in touch with any travel company, and follow local news. Forest fires can happen quickly. Be prepared to move at short notice. And keep in mind to register your trip on

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More and more forest fires

Greece has been severely affected by forest fires in recent years.

Human-caused climate change is making wildfires around the world increasingly severe – and more difficult to control.

More than 100 firefighters were battling flames on Kos on Monday, according to fire service spokesman Vassilis Vathrakoyannis. AFP Some of them were sent from the capital, Athens, along with six planes and two helicopters, he says.

In addition to the fire on Kos, there was also a forest fire on the island of Chios. Here too they received help from Athens.

Europe and Climate

What is climate change?

Climate change is a term that refers to long-term changes in temperatures and weather patterns on Earth.

Changes may be natural, but they have been so since the 19th century. Human activity The main reason for this was.

What does global warming mean?

In short: exactly what it sounds like.

So: The average temperature of the Earth is increasing. This is mainly due to human emissions. Greenhouse gases In the atmosphere.

How is Europe affected?

In general, climate change leads to more to the maximum Weather. For example, heat waves and heavy rains have increased. sea ​​levelsDrought and floods.

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In recent years, there have been severe heat waves in Europe during the summer. These fires have been very deadly and have caused severe forest fires.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) had previously reported that Europe was experiencing a rise in temperatures. twice fast Like other continents.

But isn't it always hot in the summer?

Basically, periods of extreme heat are not unusual. What is striking is the frequency, intensity, and length of heat waves.

Heat waves come more often, are hotter and last longer. This also makes them more dangerous.

Scientists agree that this is due to global warming and man-made climate change.

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