Inter Milan – Roma advice, predictions and possibilities

Inter Milan – Roma advice, predictions and possibilities

Unser Inter Milan – AS Rome Tipp on Serie A Spiel on 29.10.2023 Match: The favorite team will be insulted wir bei unserem Wett Tipp heute in diesem Duell nicht. No, this is not the case in Mindesden.

Both Inter and Roma enjoyed success during the week at international level. The Nerazzurri beat Salzburg 2:1 in Königsklass and the Romans maintained the upper hand after a 2:0 home win in the Europa League against Slavia Prague.

Both competitors will enter the direct duel with their broad chests and reach the tower. Betting on the “meeting of the two teams” brings the bet AdmiralBet quote of 1.95 however.

Date of the Inter Milan vs Roma match in the “final match”:

  • Schwarz Blau has averaged 2.8 goals per home season in a professional league match.
  • Roma have managed just one goal in each of their four home matches in Serie A so far.
  • Sechs der jüngstenEight teams Duelle zwischen beiden brought to the Giuseppe-Meazza-Stadion, the stadium is a short distance away.

Probability analysis for the match between Inter Milan and Roma:

Three of the last four home matches against Roma have gone to the current Serie A table leaders. For this reason, the lowest Inter Milan AS Rome Wettquote is approximately Höhe. 1.61 Heimsieg durch therein Daseinsberechtigung.

Das Letzte Aufeinandertreffen in Milan tzichten die Wölfe mit einem knappen 2:1 für sich. A renewed victory at Giuseppe-Meazza-Stadion brings with it up to 5.50 times Wettensatz.

It fell into the service of bookmakers, resulting in the departure of one or the other with Freebet im Gäckap, quote from ca. 4.00.

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(The quote corresponds to the current state at the time of publication and is subject to change.)

inter milan vs. AS Rom Diagnosis: Did the Gelb-Roten succeed in the sixth Sieg am Stück?

Email is active with a player 3:0-Success beim FC Turin die Tabellenspitze. The Nerazzurri have taken seven points from their last three Serie A matches and have managed to convince themselves (2S, 1U).

However, it will be a temporary moment, bereits von der 20. Meisterschaft zu sprechen. With Milan and Juventus, Turin’s competition lies with einem bzv. The Punkten Rückstand auf der Lauer und wartet nur aussetzer des Main Tablen.

This type of Boden heimischem can be used. The last two matches at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza resulted in a draw with Bologna (2:2) and a shock defeat (1:2) against Sassuolo.

The attack is coach Simone Inzaghi’s first-class man and a star with 14 appearances in the top domestic league. More weapons were thrown in the last two rounds of Heimansetzungen on Unstimmmigkeiten im Defensivverbund schließen.

After the sun rises with the sun, it’s hard to lose weight in the sand, it’s still up.

Inter Milan – Roma statistics and budget:

  • Last 5 Inter Milan matches: 2:1 Salzburg (home), 3:0 Torino (away), 2:2 Bologna (home), 1:0 Benfica (home), 4:0 Salernitana (away) .
  • Last 5 matches in Rome: 2:0 Slavia Prague (H), 1:0 Monza (H), 4:1 Cagliari (H), 4:0 Servette (H), 2:0 Frosinone (H). ).
  • Inter Milan vs. Rum: 2:0 (a), 2:1 (h), 1:3 (h), 0:2 (h), 0:3 (a).

Zahler’s nine from the last three league games with Frosinone (2:0), Cagliari (4:1) and Monza (1:0) testify that Jose Mourinho’s man is in strong form.

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In this table, the number of times a day comes from the rank and place of the International Geschäft. In the Europa League, Mourinho-Elf did not show any Blöße and looked at three wins.

The Auswärtsbilanz team in the Italian League is one of the überschaubaren level. Lediglich eines der vier Duelle in den Stadien des Gegners war von Erfolg gekröned (1U, 2N). Bei sieben Auswärtstoren ist der Roma ein gewisse Zug zum gegenerischen Tor, but it is not surprising. Allgemein introduced itself in Angriff der Gelb-Roten with 20 brilliant seasons.

For all the Chelsea players Neuner Romelu Lukaku played the role of Torgarant. Oberhaus of Italian Fußballs is a fun game and in the Europa League it is three matches on three.

Um das Max at Inter Milan AS Rom Wetten hereuszuholen, könn sich die Nutzung des AdmiralBet Gutschein as sensauf erweisen.

Unser Inter Milan – Roma Tip: Meet the two teams

The match between Inter and the penalty shootout in Hauptstadt is a successful match between Torreiger Lautaro Martinez (11 Torres, Inter) and Romelu Lukaku (5 Torres, Roma).

Both rivals have exceptional talent in attack. The Nerazzurri have scored two goals in every home match in the Italian League, and the visitors have not missed any of their goals in any away match in the league.

In the unofficial Inter Milan squad, Rum Tipp seeks to play Turin at home. AdmiralBet is carrying a quote of 1.95 perette.

Jetzt bei Buchmacher Admiral Betting on the match between Inter Milan and Roma!

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