February 4, 2023


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Invasion of Ukraine | Run a grenade from the body of a soldier

Andriy Verba works as a military doctor in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Recently, he was given a risky assignment: he was asked to remove an unexploded grenade from a soldier’s body.

And the Ukrainian General Staff confirmed on Twitter:

The difficult operation took place in a closed room, in the presence of two engineer soldiers who were responsible for the safety of the soldier and the medical staff in the ward.

“Not all attacks are fatal! Our military doctor performed an operation to remove a VOG grenade from the body of a Ukrainian soldier. The grenade could have exploded at any time,” Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar wrote in a post dated cable.

Verba successfully removed the bomb and the injured soldier was sent for further rehabilitation, she writes. It is not yet known how the bomb fell inside the body of the soldier.

VOG grenade is designed for a grenade launcher. The length is 113mm and it weighs about 280g.

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