Invest in solar cells – save 30% annually on electricity costs

Invest in solar cells - save 30% annually on electricity costs

Loe Betongelementer and Loe Rørprodukter have signed a contract with local solar company PV Solar AS. This will save them about 30 percent annually.

support hook: The contracts include the delivery of PV systems at production facilities in Steinberg and Hokksund. Together, the two facilities will cover 4,000 square meters of surface area and contribute 346,000 kWh of short- and renewable energy each year.

Investing in solar energy is part of the Loe Group’s ESG strategy called Loe Impact. The strategy is to reduce emissions, waste, material and energy consumption, as well as switch to renewable energy as part of the green transition.

Focusing and investing in human resources, where the work environment and building competency are important components of Loe Impact and Loe’s corporate development strategy, according to the company.

Reduces electricity bill

Steinberg’s solar power plant will be installed in the existing production hall and will reduce your electricity bill by 30 percent in producing the items. The factory in Hokksund will be built on a new production hall of 1,700 square meters.

In terms of price, the investment is less than 40 øre each. kWh. With an electricity price of over 1.5,-/KWh including grid rent and fees, it is easy to calculate profitability.

Construction is scheduled to begin in April/May, and the facility at Loe Betongelementer will be completed this summer. The plant in Loe Rørprodukter is constantly coming up and will be completed this fall.

Most agree that it is urgent to take environmental measures and that more and more Norwegian companies are taking climate challenges seriously by prioritizing long-term climate solutions. The company says that with these contracts, Loe has signed up for the green transformation and the work is showing in practice.

The plants will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 130 tons per year. This will enhance the competitiveness of the construction industry, which is increasingly focused on low greenhouse gas emissions from production.

Planned for a long time

– We’ve had a good dialogue with PV Solar since before the pandemic, but unfortunately the project came to a sudden halt in March two years ago. The projects are now out of the stairs again and will be implemented this year. We are glad that a local supplier was finally left behind, says Loe Betongelementer’s General Manager, Geir Høybråten.

– We highly appreciate that Loe companies consciously choose a local supplier for these projects and thus ensure that the total value generated returns to the local companies. PV Solar is a complete supplier of PV systems for commercial buildings and contracts with Loe will ensure further growth in the company, as well as enhance local investment and expertise in solar energy in a strongly growing market, says General Manager Bengt Morten Olufsen in PV Solar.

According to him, Norwegian roofs and facades are part of the climate solution, and solar energy in production companies and commercial buildings is very profitable. Self-produced energy also provides an increase in the predictability of energy costs.

There are huge rooftops on the roofs of the Loe Betongelementer in Steinberg. The company expects to save 30 percent of electricity expenditures annually.

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