Investigations are underway with “idiots” on party planes

Investigations are underway with "idiots" on party planes

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): Videos of wild celebrations on board a flight to Cancun, Mexico, have gone viral on social media. It caused a backlash in Canada, where people are under severe coronary restrictions.

The videos show, among other things, a party without a face mask. Many of them dance closely, smoke e-cigarettes and send bottles of liquor around. Many of the participants will be real-life participants from Montreal and Quebec.

This behavior caused Sunwing Airlines to cancel the return flight on January 5 for a group of 130 influencers. Air Transat and Air Canada have also made clear that they do not want any of the participants on their planes. but now Some have however returned home and can expect severe reactions, according to reports BBC.

– barbarians

The incident also sparked strong reactions in Canada. Even the country’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, criticized the ceremony on Wednesday, calling the behavior a “slap in the face” for airline employees and people who followed social distancing rules. In French, he also referred to influences as “idiots” and “barbarians.”

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos also resigned on Friday.

“We know that the case of Sunwing passengers, who behaved irresponsibly, inexcusable and unacceptable on a flight to Mexico, has generated a lot of anger and frustration,” Duclos said at a news conference.

It is reported that 27 of the flight participants are now returning home from the flight. They have been tested for coronavirus.

Checked if they followed all health regulations they were on, says Duclos.

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The flight participants had to document that they had received a full vaccination against Corona. They also had to take a negative PCR test and submit a quarantine plan.


According to the newspaper does not depend on The airline described the behavior of many passengers as “unruly” and stated that such behavior violated both the Air Canada and Health Regulations.

Quebec Police are now investigating the party trip participants. Transport Canada is also investigating the case. If they discover a crime, they can impose fines of up to 5,000 Canadian dollars (about 35,000 crowns).

One participant in the trip, 19-year-old Rebecca St-Pierre, told the Canadian Canadian Press Agency that she won the trip on Instagram. Now she also says she has tested positive for coronavirus, and she doesn’t know exactly how she will be able to pay for the hotel stay.

Expensive trip

It is estimated that the results of the tests are positive for about 30 people on board.

– I was expecting a week of relaxation in which I will be wary. But this trip has become too expensive for something that should be free, St-Pierre tells the news agency from solitude in Tulum, south of Cancun.

Flight organizer James William Awad said in a statement Thursday that Sunwing Airlines did not make sense in canceling the return flight. At the same time, he deals with self-criticism.

– I want to take a moment to sit down and think about everything again. Awad writes that especially how I can do things better next time Twitter.

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