Invisible House for Sale $18 Million – E24

Invisible House for Sale  Million – E24

According to the advertisement, the unique home offers a living experience that “blurs the line between home and nature.”

The famous home, known as the ‘Invisible House’, could be yours for approximately NOK 180 million.

There is a house about 70 meters south of Los Angeles, covered with mirrors. The Invisible House features celebrities like Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande, and The Weeknd.

Now it is For sale in the luxury broker Christie’s. It costs $18 million – or over 178 million kroner.

The house includes, among other things, a 30-meter swimming pool, charging space for three Teslas and white marble countertops.

With mirrors that reflect the landscape called home “invisible”.

Monthly installment: 900,000

A 20-year home loan can be made with installments close to NOK 900,000 per month, according to the estate agent’s calculating machine.

Admittedly, this presupposes an interest rate of 3.5 percent, which is one percentage point lower than the current US prime rate.

For that money you get three bedrooms and four bathrooms in a sleepy little town that few people visited until a few years ago. Then, according to local residents, it was possible to rent an apartment in Joshua Tree for $500 (just under 5,000 kroner) a month.

But during the pandemic, prices in the area have skyrocketed, aided by stunning photos on social media.

According to the newspaper, the result Watchman It has become a growing housing crisis in the region. Longtime residents and local industry are said to have been driven out.

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Furniture included

The house of more than 500 square metres, was featured in the Netflix series “Great Holiday Homes” in 2021.

Then affluent vacationers can rent the house for less than NOK 60,000 a day, according to the industry website. Mansion Global.

According to the advertisement, the unique home offers a living experience that “blurs the line between home and nature.” From all rooms in the house you have an impeccable view of the famous rock formations of Joshua Tree National Park.

If you get tired of nature and rocks, you can always watch movies on the 20 square meter wall by the pool or cook in the first class kitchen.

Filmmakers Chris and Roberta Hanley built the home in 2019, after being told that a previous home on the site was in violation of local regulations.

– I just drew a rectangle on paper and said, “Okay, we’re going to build this,” says Chris Hanley The Wall Street Journal.

According to the newspaper, all furniture is included in the sale price.

“It’s definitely expensive for Joshua Tree,” admits Aaron Kerman, one of the real estate agents.

– but good artwork commands first class prices.

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