iOS 16 Tricks – We Missed This, Apple!

iOS 16 Tricks - We Missed This, Apple!

iOS 16 has been with us for a couple of weeks already, and many have discovered new small and big functions.

Among the most notable news, for example, is the new lock screen, which now supports widgets and other fixes.

One function that’s probably under most people’s radar is that you now finally have the opportunity to receive a tiny vibration from the phone every time you press a button on the keyboard. This works regardless of whether you’re using Apple’s own keyboard or a third-party keyboard, such as Gboard or SwiftKey.

In the video above, you can learn how to activate this function. For an Android user, this is nothing new – most Android keyboards have had this feature for years. But at least our experience is that few comments mean we write errors a lot.

Also get more iOS 16 tips here:

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