June 26, 2022


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iPad Pro gets the M2 and wireless charging at the end of the year

iPad Pro gets the M2 and wireless charging at the end of the year

How is the iPad wireless charging actually planned?

iPad Pro will be upgraded from Spring 2021 to Winter 2022

Yes, we understand that it can be placed on a small charging disk, but the risk of it falling out is imminent. The reason we mentioned is that there is little hope that AirPower is the tool for you.

We haven’t heard any rumors about it, but Mark Gorman says there will be a new iPad Pro with wireless charging (will it get some kind of glass material on the back?) and an M2 chipset at the end of the year. In addition, the camera system will also be upgraded, but it is not exciting.

The iPad Pro 14.1 may ship wirelessly like the upgraded iPad Pro models that will launch at the end of the year, and the question is whether all or only the largest will get a new design.

iPadOS 16 and iPad Pro 14.1 will be fun

It is also expected iPad Pro is bigger 14.1 Either at the end of the year or early next year. It is likely that this is the one that will be presented with a new design if that happens (although there are rumors that the new 12.9 will have narrower tires, but only from one source) – it would be just a guess anyway.

No matter how Apple solves it with wireless charging, there’s no doubt that iPadOS 16 with Stage Manager paves the way for larger iPads, exactly in line with what we’d hoped, and even if Apple doesn’t integrate iPadOS and macOS, they connect closely more than ever.

iPadOS 16 includes driver support.

This is the new CarPlay

Gurman also talked about the massive update to CarPlay that can populate multiple screens with a user-defined interface that Apple revealed at WWDC.

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In addition to a very significant interface upgrade, what is now a true platform will be able to control everything from the air conditioning to reading all the relevant information from the car’s sensors.

“The next generation of CarPlay takes it to a new level through deep integration into the vehicle’s hardware. CarPlay will be able to deliver content to multiple screens in the vehicle, providing a more consistent and consistent experience. Deeper integration with the vehicle will, among other things, enable users to: Control the radio or adjust the air conditioner up or down with CarPlay,” Apple explains in the WWDC press release.

And by reading vehicle information, CarPlay will seamlessly display speed, fuel level, temperature and more on the dashboard. Users will be able to customize the driving experience by choosing different designs on the dashboard, and with the new widget support, users will easily find information about weather and music on the car’s dashboard. We’ll be sharing more information about the next generation of CarPlay later, and we’ll start offering the vehicles at the end of next year.” And that’s all Apple has to say on this for now.

That’s why they do it this way

Gurman believes that Apple’s strategy is to get as many car manufacturer partners as possible and in this way get customers interested in the upcoming Apple car if they find the new CarPlay solution to be a positive experience. Another advantage is that CarPlay connects to the iPhone, which can also increase the sales of Apple mobile phones.

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Anyway, Apple is learning more about cars and car production by doing so, and without having to make plans for its own car.

It’s also a possible way for CarPlay to become Apple’s new revenue stream. Today, Apple does not collect royalties or fees from car manufacturers who use CarPlay. The current system also requires an iPhone to be connected.

Mark Gorman Bloomberg

Apple Car isn’t expected before 2025, and Gurman doesn’t think we’ll get cars on the roads with the new CarPlay before 2024. This is even though Apple “will introduce cars at the end of next year.”

Apple CarPlay, which will be launched in a few years, is a huge step in the direction of Apple’s own car.