December 1, 2022


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iPads may be revealed 15:30 - ITavisen

iPads may be revealed 15:30 – ITavisen

Mark Gorman has verses back for us.

Updated Oct 18 2:31 p.m.:

Apple closed the online store prior to launch.

Updated on Oct 18 at 08:49:

Mark Gurman reveals, and we’re not surprised, that Apple will announce today the iPad Pro M2 and the new iPad (the more expensive model).

We expect press releases around 19:00.

Updated Oct 17th at 7:19pm:

The images have leaked from a wrapper for an entry-level iPad model that will be launched in a few days at the same time as the iPad Pro M2. Apple is only expected to issue a press release about the new products.

It’s not entirely easy to confirm the design with cover images, but Apple Pencil 2 support has been confirmed. An updated design similar to the iPad Pro was previously rumored.

In addition, it is expected:

  • 10.5 inch bigger screen
  • USB c
  • FaceTime camera in landscape mode
  • No 3.5 for audio
  • A 14
  • 5G network

Don’t expect big news

This time it’s about upgrading the iPad Pro with the M2 chip sometime this month, and Gorman thinks it could happen in a few days.

Gurman previously reported that iPadOS 16.1, which tablets should come with since it doesn’t have a 16.0 version anymore, is rumored to launch in the last week of October, when products can be found in early customers’ mailboxes.

Read our test of the iPad Pro 12.9 M1.

Next year’s iPad news is the dock

The worst part is that no improvements are expected apart from the M2 chip inside with 20 percent better performance: the design and other functions are expected to be the same.

Then the hope is that Apple increases the amount of RAM by 8GB (the 1TB and 2TB models have 16GB of RAM) – this will greatly improve multitasking performance, and with a more efficient M2 chip, you’ll be able to Apple is able to maintain the same battery life.

There are also no rumors of a larger 14 or 15-inch size, but the same 11″ and 12.9″ versions remain with the product names J617 and J620.

that is he is The scheme is a dock similar to what Google announced with the Pixel Tablet so that the device can act as a home hub:

The iPad is expected to dock next year.

The updated Mac mini and Apple TV are likely to arrive early next year

It’s been several months since the iPad, the cheapest in its class, was leaked updated with an iPad Pro, iPad Mini and USB C design.

As for the MacBook Pro 14 and 16 with the M2, they’re coming next month, so be sure not to buy one right now.

There will also be a Mac mini with an M2 chip and an Apple TV with an A14 chip and 4GB of RAM. However, Gorman does not know when those will arrive.

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