iPhone 13 Face ID – Apple snur

iPhone 13 Face ID - Apple snur

Shortly after the launch iPhone 13 has become clear that it is not wise to change the screen on the mobile phones themselvesIf it should be so broken or damaged that it is time to replace it.

The iFixit website revealed that the Face ID facial recognition is deactivated when the iPhone 13 screen is replaced by an unauthorized workshop, which among other things made the “Right to Repair” champions react. Apple has previously been criticized for its action against these laws.

Make a full turn

Now it looks like Apple is turning around.

If you replace iPhone 13 screen without moving microcontroller from old to new, Face ID will stop working. It is a process According to iFixit very demanding, time-consuming and because the repairer relies on special equipment.

But Apple now says it will change that.

– Apple says one solution will be available in an upcoming software update Engadget.

The fact that the repairman does not rely on moving the microcontroller will in this case make it easier for unauthorized workshops to change the screen on the iPhone 13 series.

When this software update is available, Apple won’t say anything about it.


The Right to Reform Europe referred to the iFixit ad as “Very bad news for independent repairers who are already facing challenges repairing Apple products”.

“When we found out that it would not be possible to replace a simple screen on the iPhone 13 without losing Face ID, we immediately thought that the independent repair market would be severely affected,” said Alexandre Isaacs, founder of the French Repair Academy. The corresponding right to reform Europe.

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The organization also wrote that while it was not known if it was a software bug or a function, “it does highlight Apple’s worrying situation when it comes to repair.”

Apple has not yet commented on why the repairers had to move the microcontroller over at the moment and why they are now promising to make changes.

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