iPhone 14, accidents | iPhone 14’s new accident function ‘fools’ emergency services

iPhone 14, accidents |  iPhone 14's new accident function 'fools' emergency services

At the beginning of October, Netavizen wrote about an accident in the United States that killed six people. However, the police were automatically notified, since one of the victims had an iPhone 14 that automatically called emergency services and alerted emergency contacts, because he had recorded a serious car accident.

It now turns out that the same job also caused some frustration with the emergency services. The function has been activated on several occasions in theme parks, According to The Verge. It turns out that sitting on a roller coaster can be registered as a “serious accident”.

– The owner just sat on a roller coaster, that’s part of what Wall Street Journal reporter Joanna Stern wrote on Twitter.

It takes 20 seconds from the time you receive the message and the phone itself calls 911 and the phone is equipped with accelerometer Which can record G-powers of up to 256G, and a new gyroscope with HDR technology. Then the “accident recording” function of the phone can automatically call emergency services, if the user is unconscious or cannot get his iPhone.

Now the phone may seem to think that the high speed and acceleration forces of a roller coaster ride are the same as in an accident. The Verge writes The best thing is to put the phone in a safe place before the flight, put the phone in airplane mode or simply deactivate the function.

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