iPhone 15 Pro big disappointment if true

iPhone 15 Pro big disappointment if true

The semi-famous Apple leak ‘Unknownz21’ drops a cold shower on the A17 shortly before Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro is unveiled. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman thinks it will happen on September 12th after the first leak pointed in the direction of September 13th.

Is 8GB of RAM too much to ask for?

It’s reported that 3mm technology chips (including the Mac with the M3) will crank up performance significantly, but real-time performance isn’t everything: modern mobile phones also need plenty of RAM to keep apps and services running, Especially browser tabs. You can have many of them, not to mention the web apps eating up your RAM for breakfast.

We were hoping for 8GB of RAM in the new, higher-end models, which are expected to be at least an expensive NOK 600. With new chips, a titanium frame, and USB C, we were hoping for more Everything At least 8 GB. This leaker does not believe this is happening.

The person claims to have detailed information on the chip beyond the same amount: 6GB of RAM. As we wrote on August 7: It’s been three years since Apple has equipped its Pro models with more RAM. We don’t know why Apple is always so stingy with RAM, cell phones like Nothing Phone 2 with 12GB of RAM have a lot Better battery life than the more expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max.

GHZ INCREASES – Improves power optimization

So this is not likely to be the problem, but for diet reasons. Maybe Apple has a nifty iOS feature on its way to keep apps running in the background for longer? We haven’t heard anything about it, and nothing Apple has talked about regarding iOS 17.

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Besides the disappointment in the RAM, we find six CPU cores (3.70GHz – up from the A16’s 3.46GHz) and six GPU cores. The A16 chip that the iPhone 14 Pro series is equipped with, which the iPhone 15 series got, also has six CPU cores but five GPU cores. As usual, 2023 looks like another boost for the GPU, but we’re hoping Apple has more to offer with 3mm technology.

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