iPhone 16 could charge much faster

iPhone 16 could charge much faster

Rumors coming out of China suggest that Apple's fall models will get faster charging, especially using a USB C cable.

There will likely be more mAh to charge this fall.

Fast charging has been increased to 40W and MagSafe to 20W, up from 27W and 15W respectively. Phones like OnePlus have had super-fast charging for years, but Apple has never prioritized charging speeds very much, but in recent years it has carefully improved charging speeds. The rumors make sense as long as all models except the 16 Plus get larger batteries.

The claim of increased charging power revives a similar rumor we covered here at MacRumors almost a year ago, when it was reported that the iPhone 16 series would adopt stacked battery technology alongside 40W wired charging and 20W charging via ‌MagSafe‌. Stacked batteries result in increased capacity and longer life.


“Even older iPhone models get faster charging with iOS 17.2!” we reported in December:

“We have written about the iPhone 15 supporting Qi2 before. For this reason, the first mobile phones on the market to support the new wireless charging standard finally get unified magnetic support and wireless charging with a capacity of up to 15 watts. The new thing is that iOS 17.2, which has just been released in RC version, is often the last before the final launch, which has already been announced, which will take place during this month, It reveals that Apple's 13th and 14th generation iPhones also support the charging standard.

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