June 26, 2022


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iPhone gets Apple modem in 2023 - new iPads next year

iPhone gets Apple modem in 2023 – new iPads next year

Nikkei Asia spoke to a number of sources who revealed Apple’s plans to produce the chips. Mobile 5G chips are dominated by Qualcomm, MediaTek and Huawei.

Qualcomm expects Apple’s 5G modem chip sales to drop to 20 percent in 2023, bolstering the new report.

Apple and TSMC are working closely on the development of 5G

It’s 2023 that’s interesting because that’s the year Apple will equip the iPhone with its own 5G modem, not Qualcomm’s. This is so Apple doesn’t have to pay for the license, and to be able to further boost signal strength and battery life.

TSMC now has Apple engineers in California working on the new chips, which in turn build on Intel technology/experience/patents that Apple acquired through the acquisition of The modem part of the company in 2019.

The newspaper also revealed that the iPad (last updated in April of this year) will receive TSMC 3 nm technology early next year, and the iPhone 14, which will be launched in the fall of 2022, will receive 4 nm from the same company. .

The design is rumored in this direction, but we are still not sold on the front camera:

Video: Waqar Khan.

Also in March, 2023 was announced as the launch year, at which time we announced, among others:

It was previously reported that Apple has an agreement on Qualcomm for next year’s iPhone in the form of the Snapdragon X65, so a launch in 2023 also makes sense for this reason.


ITavisen, July 2019:

Most important of all appears to be what Cook describes as an opportunity to control the development of future products to a greater extent, as well as to own and control the “primary technology” behind the products they develop. These comments are quite a hint about the company’s plans to develop its own modem technology, as several sources have insisted in recent years. It’s also not the first time that an Apple boss has indicated that he wants to produce all major iPhone components himself.”

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