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Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi survived the attack.

The home of the Iraqi Prime Minister was attacked by a drone on Sunday night. Prime Minister Salem.


Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s residence is located in Baghdad’s heavily guarded Green Zone.

Baghdad residents heard an explosion and then gunfire from the direction in which the Green Zone is located, which is home to government offices and foreign embassies including the US embassy.

Security sources initially stated that it was a missile attack, but later the authorities stated that it was an attack carried out by an armed drone. And the authorities explained, in a statement via the official media in Iraq, that the drone was equipped with an explosive device, and that an attempt was made to direct the drone towards the residence of the Prime Minister.

– The drone tried to bomb the Prime Minister’s house. A statement by Al-Kazemi’s office stated that the prime minister was unharmed.

Authorities say no one else was hurt.

Protesters, who rejected last month’s election results, set up camp outside Baghdad’s Green Zone. The photo, taken from Saturday, shows security forces preventing protesters from entering the heavily guarded area.

Troubled after the election

A security source said that a large number of security forces were stationed in and around the area after the attack.

– She said in the government statement that the security forces are now taking the necessary steps regarding this failed attempt.

The Prime Minister himself sent a statement asking the people to remain calm after the attack. It was not clear until Sunday night who was behind it.

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The attack occurred during demonstrations in Iraq against the outcome of the new National Assembly elections on October 10, in which pro-Iranian groups suffered major defeats. Since the election result became clear, hundreds of supporters of Iran-friendly Shiite militias have been living in tents they have set up outside the Green Zone.

The Green Zone in Baghdad has been a frequent target of missile and drone attacks.

The United States condemns

The United States condemns the drone attack on the residence of the Prime Minister.

– We are relieved that the Prime Minister was not hurt. US State Department spokesman Ned Price said this clear act of terrorism, which we strongly condemn, was directed at the heart of the Iraqi state apparatus.

“We are in close contact with the Iraqi security forces responsible for maintaining Iraq’s sovereignty and independence, and have offered our assistance in investigating the attack,” Price added.

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