Is Google about to collapse?

Is Google about to collapse?

If you have even the slightest interest in technology, SEO, or are just interested in the internet giant Google, you have probably noticed the massive changes taking place.

A few days ago, Google launched the so-called AI Overview for its search engine, a function that gives you the AI ​​answer to your search before you can see all the usual “answers” ​​that you are used to searching for.

The idea itself is good, because if AI can give you the exact answer you are looking for, you will save time.

Unfortunately, idea is better than practice. At least as it is now.

Google AI Overview is powered by Google's “Gemini” AI. It works in the same way as OpenAI's ChatGPT, where it can access the Internet and thus get learning. It processes all the data it receives, and eventually returns to you with a text that it hopes is what you need.

Unfortunately, the past week has shown that this is far from the case.

Use glue on your pizza

Since Google launched its AI overview in the US (it will roll out to the rest of the world by the end of 2024), users have shared a slew of screenshots of strange things reported by Google's AI.

One user searched, among other things, for how to quickly get rid of kidney stones, and Google's AI overview answered that you can drink liters of urine.

There are also examples where Google has come up with life-threatening solutions to a problem, which is in no way appropriate.

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The latest to go viral from Google's AI Overview is a recommendation that you should use glue on your pizza.

One user Googled the phrase “cheese doesn't stick to pizza.”

The answer from Google AI was the following (translated into Norwegian):

“Cheese can slide off your pizza for a number of reasons, including too much sauce, too much cheese, or too thick a sauce. Here are some things you can try.”

Then Google suggests that you could try mixing cheese with sauce, before suddenly Google suggests that you can mix glue into your food.

“You can also add 30 milliliters of non-toxic glue to the sauce to give it more consistency.”

(See search image below)

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