Is Peter the best plumber in Norway?

Is Peter the best plumber in Norway?

FAVORITE: The art room is a favorite of the lovely Peter Warnes, and this week he’s gone after the central sprinklers.

practical life

Trondheim: It’s the same, and customers love it. Peter Warnes meets a lot of people at his job as a service plumber in Rørfunn. Many of them think it is the most beautiful in Norway.

He thrives with those he meets.

-You have to take them the right way. If someone isn’t happy and you meet them with a conflicted attitude, they won’t be likable in the least, Warnes says.

The 59-year-old from Trondheim – but originally from the neighboring municipality of Skåne – is one of the three finalists for the Most Beautiful Plumber in Norway award. The first nomination came from a colleague at Rørfunn:

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– Always a source of joy

– In short, he is incredibly skilled professionally, is always cheerful, his clients never have anything to complain about, and he is in high demand. As a colleague, he is a steadfast supporter who always stands up, writes Robin Andimo.

The customers voted for him all the way to the final.

– I don’t know why they think that. I believe you are just who you are. Peter Warnes says: You have to be nice. Or to be quite right: “Peter Warnes laughs.” The laugh is loose with trønder, which is.

Fall control

Now this fall, he’s traveling the country inspecting housing associations and condominiums.

“There’s a shared sprinkler system and a shared heating system here,” he says, standing in a parking garage under a group of apartment buildings in Lyde.

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– Today I was inside 48 apartments. Then there will be a lot of people. On a typical day, he says, there are anything from ten different jobs to just one.

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Warnes is a pleasure to work with the service. He’s been in projects too.

– I’m done with it, he says.

– We can be in a hurry, too, but it will be in a different way. Then there are some who can’t think of anything other than projects either. “We are different,” he says.


He now works in Rørfunn. Kjell Evensen, Arvid Løberg and Stig Schei started the company in 1995.

– I started here in 2001. Before that I worked at the hospital for several years, in the operations that are today St. Olaf. I was also in the armed forces for a few years, he says.

He has worked in the plumbing profession since he began his training in 1983.

It is common in different situations that there is variation from day to day and many different tasks. Above all, he values ​​working in the art room.

– But it is starting to become more advanced with automation. When things aren’t going well, a plumber isn’t always the right answer, Warrens stresses.

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Preferably indoors

He likes to spend his free time outdoors. With dog sledding, for example – he’s just returned from a weekend in Földal.

However, during business hours, Peter Warnes is happy to be inside.

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-I don’t work outside much anymore. I don’t like giving up jobs and the like. “I go out a lot in my free time, but at work, it’s nice to be inside,” he says.

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