Is school a monster?

Is school a monster?

In the past few days I started cheating.

The sender believes that today’s school can be reminiscent of a bear, which is a powerful creature.
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Maybe you have Heard about a bear animal? It is a small animal that lives everywhere. She is famous for her tolerance of everything. People washed him in alcohol and boiled him, and he stayed alive.

By “school” I mean the way we now organize formal education and learning. The model in which we live, so to speak.

This school has been going on for over 150 years – and they seem to tolerate anything, like a bear animal.

Margarita Tvismi is suspicious of the way the school is organized today.

we work with Classes are about the same size, and there is usually one teacher per class. category in the vernacular. Everyone in the class is the same age, they stay in the same room at the same time and they do the same thing.

They have a syllabus set for the course they are taking now, and they are graded according to how well they achieve the objectives in that syllabus.

to find Through what they have achieved, they have taken tests or examinations. It always happens that someone tries to get out of this, but it always falls within the paradigm.

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For example, teachers work without grades during the year – but then have to go back into the fold and give grades for the first and second semesters. The pupils know this very well and know what really applies.

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Rohr Ulvestad: – At worst, it would be impossible to get good grades without cheating

We say so Learning is the most important thing, but it is not in this model. There are degrees, diplomas, admissions, additional study, and good work.

Both teachers and students know this, and when someone wants to do “something different” at school, like event days and solidarity actions, you name it, there’s always a group of teachers and students (more pragmatic, perhaps?) who protests because they’re working too long away from what they’re doing. We must do, and what is shown in the certificate.

one can not Appreciate all the great words in the curriculum, like creativity and interdisciplinary topics – you get that in the materials.

This produces such absurd results that the interpretation of interdisciplinary topics is green-lighted as something that can be pursued on a subject-by-subject basis. Berekraft in Norwegian, and berekraft in English. Career renewal is coming – the bear lives too!

Why am I so busy now? Because of artificial intelligence (AI). Or rather, because of the discussions about gpt chat. Can a bear survive artificial intelligence?

Chat provides GPT Another way to cheat on disciples, which will gradually become more and more difficult to detect. What is fraud and disclosure? There are familiar words in the bear animal model.

When the goal is the best possible result in the form of good grades, it makes sense to see if you can reach the result in simple ways. It is logical that the teacher should try to expose the pupils who do this.

Because we think the system is fundamentally fair? And that the only thing that can’t be fair is if students cheat themselves to get better grades?

Chat GPT threatens, among other things, typing training. And now I am neither cynical nor cynic: I firmly believe that it is important to have a good practice of writing, and that learning to think in writing enhances the ability to think.

And that’s it Writing is creative and important for the ability to express oneself, and everything that is healthy and good for human beings. I agree with those who said in discussion At the Education Society on January 10th It is the writing process that is important, not the final product for the students.

So if they skip the process, it doesn’t make sense. But that Give the meaning. In the bear animal model. We tell the pupils in every way, regardless of the words of the Norwegian teacher, that it makes sense.

with artificial intelligence Which is constantly and rapidly improving, I think it’s time to shake up the structures. Simply try to kill the bear animal. We should have a school (or call it something else) that doesn’t double-cross that the point is.

There must be learning, creativity, formation, critical thinking, etc. Everything that everyone already agrees on, but we are not able to realize now, in this form. Otherwise, we end up in utter absurdities, as AI writes texts and AI corrects the same texts while teachers and pupils wallow in an eternal conversation about correct grades.

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But I’m a bit pessimistic. Bear School survived the epidemic. We learned almost nothing. The test came back the same, although researchers, students, and teachers reported that canceling the test was beneficial for learning.

It’s not too hard to see that Bear vs. AI will initially be more controlled in the form of rules and art combinations.

But in the long run I wonder if this opponent was too strong for a bear beast, and that we would have done a favor if we had killed him before KI.


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