Is your apartment or residence legal?

Is your apartment or residence legal?


Unapproved apartment and dormitory rentals are highlighted in the national inspection. Flats that are not approved can pose a real danger to the residents, for example, fire safety, escape routes, daylight and ventilation make the home unlivable.

The aim of the national campaign is to inspect dormitories and housing units to see if they have been used legally. The Directorate for Construction Quality (DIBK) is responsible for the campaign, which runs from 4 to 15 September 2023.

Ask for advice

In order for homeowners to construct new housing units or divide existing housing units (houses, apartments), permission from the municipality must be obtained. Residential units built without a permit are illegal to use or rent.

Through the “Safe and Safe Living Conditions” campaign, municipalities will contribute to focusing on the importance of good and safe living conditions and monitoring dormitories and apartments in poor condition. Both tenants and landlords can contact the municipality to request supervision and advice on further dealings. Municipalities will allocate extra time during the fortnight for inquiries so that residents with suspicions can come and check approved usage and get guidance on how to proceed if usage is illegal.


Municipalities can also carry out inspections on the basis of reports from other public authorities, neighbors or tenants. In order for a municipality to carry out supervision or monitoring, the municipality must have concrete suspicions of illegal use. Suspicion can come from information about possible illegal use, illegal conditions, or that potentially illegal activities such as construction activity, abnormal amounts of garbage, etc. have been observed.

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During the inspection, it is first of all examined whether the current use is legal, that is, whether the current use is in line with what has been approved by the municipality. It can also check whether the permanent residence room has a window, whether there are satisfactory escape conditions, room height and daylight conditions.

There is a complex set of regulations that a home owner/lessor must follow, and there is a constant need for information for both landlord and tenant about current regulations. Cooperation between municipalities will contribute to dealing with and understanding legislation more equally in the meeting with our citizens, and the campaign will contribute to spreading information about the challenge.


If you have doubts about whether your apartment or dwelling has been approved or have other questions, contact Haugesund Municipality at [email protected] or call 52 74 30 00

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