Isabel Ringnes, The Easter Speech | Easter Speech: Isabel Ringnes (34)

Isabel Ringnes, The Easter Speech |  Easter Speech: Isabel Ringnes (34)

In Nettavisen’s new column, it’s all about Easter, and several celebrities talk about their plans for Easter and their best and worst Easter memories. Not least, they reveal what their Easter egg should contain. From us to you – Happy Easter!

Isabelle Ringnes (34) has been featured all winter in the Viaplay series “Powerwoman”, where TV viewers were given an insight into what life is like as a tech entrepreneur, speaker, author and, not least, influencer. Not long ago, the 34-year-old became a mother for the first time, and she shared her occasional ups and downs.

At Easter, however, he will put all worries aside with his family in Mauritius, something that has become a tradition for Ringnes over the years. When Easter comes around, she’s tired of everything winter related.

Here is the Easter talk with Isabel Ringnes:

What are your plans for Easter and who will you be spending it with?
– Trip to Mauritius this Easter to visit my roommate’s sister who lives there. This is our first flight as a family with young children and we plan on a flight of no less than 17 hours. I’m crossing my fingers that no one reading this article will be sitting next to us. A “clear” baby and a slightly stressed first-time mother at the tenth hour … will be excited.

What is your Easter tradition?
– I have to admit that when Easter comes around it feels like winter is over. At Easter, I want to leave. I have ambitions to see the whole world before I go back to where I was before (except the big cities). The world has so much beautiful beauty to offer, and so many great cultures to get to know.

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– Every time I stumble upon a new gem, I think I would never have experienced this if I had gone back to the place I knew and knew well. This requires a little more research and risks disappointment. But the ups are worth the downs. Last year we visited Palestine, Israel and Jordan. An incredibly powerful experience.

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What is the most overrated Easter tradition?
– I think Easter traditions are perfect. I’m generally a fan of conventions, so it takes a lot to throw something under the bus as overrated.

What is your best Easter memory?
– I have great memories from my childhood when we celebrated Easter in Norrefjell. Dad was the Easter Bunny and wore the same blue bunny suit every year. He made a lot of noise and always jumped from the balcony into a homemade snow fort during snowy years. Without exception, every time he had an accident, the stitches in his ass came undone, and it was festive every time.

What’s your worst Easter memory?
– Easter 2020 was relatively bad when Covid restrictions prevented us from traveling to the mountains or being with friends.

What should an Easter egg contain?
– Snack. Peace marks, licorice and vanilla fudge, peach, sour cherry, raspberry chocolate and strawberry. In case anyone is wondering.

City Easter or Cottage Easter?
– If I am in the country, I will undoubtedly love the cottage Easter. Few people know après skis like us Norwegians.

Ski trip or après ski?
– First one then the other. But without the first there is no second. Always yes, thank you both!

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Quick lunch or Tuesday?
– A quick lunch for cravings, but a margarita for taste!

Easter Mystery or Crossword?
– Nothing. Shoot the Aperol spritz and Freddy Kalas.

Do you have an Easter activity you recommend?
– If possible, travel and see the world! If at home – Easter bus and run!

… But let’s be honest: orange combined with chocolate, yes or no?
– One hundred percent yes!!

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