Isabelle Eriksen tells of theft on vacation:

Isabelle Eriksen tells of theft on vacation:

Influencer Isabelle Eriksen is known for taking her followers along life’s ups and downs.

Eriksen became famous when she participated in the reality show “Paradise Hotel”. After the reality debut, the influencer has gained more than 150,000 followers on Instagram and 125,000 followers on YouTube.

At the moment, the influencer is vacationing in Cape Verde with his girlfriend, Victoria Maria.

What was supposed to be a fun, relaxing vacation was suddenly turned upside down last night.

– “Battle of the Eternal Dragon”

Eriksen herself posted a story on Instagram where she told her followers that she had been mugged.

Shared: The influencer shared this message with their followers. Photo: screenshot from Instagram

– I was robbed last night, so I was a bit calm. It was scary, but I’m fine now,” the influencer writes in the letter to his followers.

To Good night Norway, Eriksen tells of the dramatic experience.

The influencer says that she and her boyfriend went out with some friends, and they were on their way to a nightclub.

His girlfriend Wiktoria was among those who went to the nightclub beforehand, while Eriksen and another went a different way to find a toilet.

– Suddenly three men came towards us very quickly. Before I knew what was going on, he grabbed one of my bags.

The situation felt like an “eternal tug of war,” Eriksen explains.

– In the end he hit me in the face to make me drop the bag. I ended up falling over and he pulled me after my bag, because I wouldn’t let go of him.

The Blues: In the photo, Eriksen shows off the bruises she sustained after the accident.  Photo: private

The Blues: In the photo, Eriksen shows off the bruises she sustained after the accident. Photo: private

The 26-year-old says she managed to get up and the man finally dropped her bag.

Then they moved on to the other woman I was with. She had a bag going around her torso, but they pulled it so hard it was smoking. Then they grabbed the bag and ran away.

The influencer says they are back at the hotel after the tragic accident. Only then did Eriksen realize what had happened.

I had a mental breakdown and a little anxiety attack. I have a small bruise on my eye and nose.

– Ruined the feast

To Good night Norway, the influencer tells that she is relieved that the situation has not deteriorated, but it is scary to think of all that could happen.

– I’m not going to lie and say that this didn’t spoil the holiday one bit, she honestly shares.

– In the past, it was very mentally destructive.

The influencer goes on to say that she thought she should drop her bag, but claims the adrenaline got the better of her.

– For the rest of the holiday, we’ll stay at the hotel in the evening, you say.

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