Isabelle Scholmen, Madonna | Isabelle Scholmen on the star’s meeting with Madonna: – She was superior

Isabelle Scholmen, Madonna |  Isabelle Scholmen on the star’s meeting with Madonna: – She was superior

If there’s one thing we Norwegians love, it’s our famous encounters with the stars. It is Isabelle Scholmen (47) who can boast of a very famous meeting.

She and husband Christian Scholmen, 52, recently hosted the NRK P3 podcast “The Kass Furuseths” Where the 47-year-old revealed that she had an engagement earlier in her life with Madonna, 64.

The meeting with the world-famous artist turned out to be something out of the ordinary, and Scholmen told Nettavisen that the meeting of the stars was about to go wrong.

I got a secret singing assignment for Madonna

Previously active as a singer, Schoolmen participated in the Melodi Grand Prix in 2012 with the song “I Got You”. It was her singing talent that led to a unique encounter with Madonna.

In a recent podcast episode, Skulmen said her boyfriend asked her to perform at an acquaintance’s birthday party.

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She wasn’t ready because she was the “Like a Virgin” singer who was going to sing “Happy Birthday” to her. According to Schulmen, the ex-boyfriend was a close friend of Madonna’s manager, and thus she had not found out who she would sing for before she entered the stage.

– I realized when I walked into the room that it was a big thing because it was so decorated. But I thought I’d get on stage and sing, Skolmen tells Netavien and continues:

– When I realized it was for Madonna’s sake, I was about to move on. I was so nervous.

Scholmen says she received a standing ovation after the show in New York 27 years ago, but she doesn’t hide that she felt embarrassed after the Christmas song.

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– I felt stupid when I realized it was Madonna I sang for. It was a hell of an experience for me, because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

Prima opera singer

However, the unique meeting is not over yet “Happy Schoolman Birthday”. It was also placed on Madonna’s table, and the two exchanged a few words during the birthday celebration.

Apparently, the famous singer wasn’t a gossip, because according to the 48-year-old, it took a long time before Madonna spoke to her.

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— She was a little over-the-top and a bit of a diva, says Schulmen, adding that she didn’t shower her with a Christmas song:

– There was no “thank you” or anything like that, you laugh.

Still, Schulmen and Madonna finally got something to talk about, and the former says she has something in common with the 64-year-old — the spaces between her teeth.

– Suddenly she leaned over to me and said: “I love your gap.” I thought later it was her way of thanking me for my performance.

Today, the 48-year-old’s gap is no longer visible, and she explains that it disappeared after her wisdom teeth pressed her teeth together.

He could make a mistake

There’s another reason why Skullmen remember shows particularly well. Things didn’t turn out flawlessly, and she revealed that it could have ended badly 27 years ago.

Scholmen says she had to climb onto the scaffolding that was the platform, but then something unexpected happened. The 47-year-old’s stiletto heel got stuck in the scaffold, which ended with Skulmen taking off his shoes and walking barefoot across the stage. She says it wasn’t a glamorous ending to the performance.

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– I thought I was going to pass out, but I had to focus on what I had to do. But there was no extra round of singing, so to speak, Skulmen laughs.

Moreover, Scholmen says that the surprises of the evening did not end there, as she also met Hollywood actors Michael Douglas (78) and Robert De Niro (79).

Suddenly I bumped into Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro in the hallway. Soon they stopped by the party to congratulate Madonna, which made me sweat even more.

It’s been nearly 30 years since the Skullmen star met Madonna, and it’s an experience she won’t soon forget. She remembers the meeting as both terrifying and fun, but there is one thing she wished she had done differently:

– Now in retrospect, it’s a very nice thing to experience, and it’s a fun story to tell my kids. But I wish I could have been more present at the moment when it happened.

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