Israel, Corona virus | Israel is bothered by a more deadly scenario with Covid-19 disease

Israel, Corona virus |  Israel is bothered by a more deadly scenario with Covid-19 disease

– We must prepare for any possible scenario, says the country’s prime minister about this unusual practice.

Israel conducted nationwide, war-like exercises on Thursday to test the preparedness and ability of authorities to respond to a hypothetical outbreak of a new and more deadly COVID-19 virus.

The default variant was referred to as “Omega”.

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The Israeli Prime Minister says in statment No other country has yet done a similar practice. The exercise was attended by senior members of the Israeli government, health authorities and the military Washington Post.

The unconventional exercises took place at the National Emergency Center in Jerusalem, an underground shelter.

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The exercise was held over three sessions and focused on different aspects of the authorities’ real-time response.

You must prepare us for any possible scenario

The purpose of the exercise was to simulate the repercussions of the flare-up, thus testing the strength of the mechanisms and decision-making processes related to lockdown, monitoring of new variables, financial support for citizens, quarantine orders and border controls.

– As the coronavirus situation in the world deteriorates, Israel is safe and protected, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on statment.

“To maintain this and to ensure that normal life continues, we must continue to closely monitor the situation and prepare for any possible scenario,” Bennett says.

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Israel managed to recover from a fourth pandemic in October, thanks in large part to its high vaccine coverage and offering a third dose of the vaccine to anyone over the age of 12. The Israelis also implemented a strict regimen of strict bandages and the so-called corona pass regarding visits to restaurants and access to cultural events.

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Significant decrease in the number of critically ill

The number of severe coronary heart disease cases in Israel decreased from 700 in August to 149 in November. The number of daily new cases fell from 10,000 a day in August to just under 500 in November, she wrote. Bloomberg.

Israel also opened its borders to tourists who were fully vaccinated this month. This is despite the fact that some Israeli experts are calling for stronger infection control measures.

Israel is now preparing to vaccinate the age group from 5 to 11 years.

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