Israel has submitted a new ceasefire proposal

Israel has submitted a new ceasefire proposal

– It is time for the war to end, says the President of the United States.

Israel is said to have presented a new ceasefire proposal to Hamas.

The president refers to the proposal as comprehensive and states that it was sent to Hamas via Qatar. According to the president, the proposal should include three stages.

  • The first stage is a six-week ceasefire. – Withdrawal of Israeli soldiers from all populated areas in Gaza. The wounded, the elderly, and hostages were released in exchange for several hundred Palestinian prisoners. At least 600 trucks of emergency aid enter Gaza every day.
  • The second phase is the release of all surviving hostages, including male soldiers, after Israel withdraws from Gaza. All hostilities cease.
  • The third phase will include the Gaza reconstruction plan. Return the remains of the dead hostages to their families.

At 22:29 on Friday evening, Reuters reported that Hamas confirmed its readiness to negotiate all proposals that include the following:

  • Permanent ceasefire and complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza
  • Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip
  • – Allowing fleeing Palestinians to return
  • A “dangerous” exchange of prisoners and hostages

Less than two hours later, Reuters reported that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken held a phone conversation with the foreign ministers of Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia to discuss the ceasefire proposal.

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz Hamas is still holding 125 hostages in Gaza, following the terrorist attack on southern Israel on October 7. 39 of these hostages died.

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Henrik Tostad, a senior lecturer in Middle Eastern studies at the University of Oslo, says that the release of prisoners in exchange for the release of hostages was Hamas's main demand.

– The hostages are the major capital of Hamas. For them, the main goal of October 7 and the war was to release prisoners, Tostad tells VG.

Israel is reported to be holding up to 10,000 Palestinian prisoners. Political leaders and Hamas and Fatah fighters are serving long sentences, up to life.

Dai Henrik Tostad
Dai Henrik Tostad

Senior Lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oslo

President Biden says that during the first six weeks, Israel and Hamas will negotiate to reach the second phase.

After the first six weeks, the second phase of the proposal includes the release of the hostages.

– He adds that the Israeli forces will withdraw.

The third phase includes rebuilding Gaza.

– Hamas must agree to this proposal, Biden says.

Biden says, according to the news agency, that Biden urges Israeli leaders to support this agreement despite the pressure.

– It's time for the war to end, Biden says.

Biden believes that the agreement could help Israel become more integrated in the region, as well as in relations with Saudi Arabia. It also claims to open the way to better self-determination for the Palestinian people.

– It does not end until all goals are achieved

On Friday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's office announced that they had submitted a proposal to return the hostages, according to Reuters.

– The war in Gaza will not end until all goals are achieved, including the return of all hostages and even the elimination of Hamas, according to a statement issued by the office.

In March, the UN Security Council demanded an immediate ceasefire and the release of all hostages.

In May, Israel rejected a ceasefire proposal accepted by Hamas. The proposal was submitted by Egypt and Qatar.

Shortly thereafter, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office announced that the war cabinet had decided to continue the planned ground operation in Rafah.


When Dag Henrik Tostad first commented on the peace plan, neither VG nor he was aware that the Israeli proposal also included the release of Palestinian prisoners. When this item became known, VG changed the text on May 31 at 9.15pm.

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