Israel, Palestine | Israel’s right to war

Israel, Palestine |  Israel’s right to war

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(Nation): With 1,400 Israelis killed and 200 others kidnapped, the Jewish state has no choice but to go to war against Hamas and other Islamist terrorist organizations in the region that threaten the existence of the country and its citizens.

The details of the murder and kidnapping that have emerged around the October weekend attack are shocking to say the least.

In the days following the attack, a number of Norwegians chose Critics To defend and interpret this as a struggle for freedom. Some chose to use NRK’s ​​prime-time talk time to compare the proceedings with the resistance struggle in Norway during World War II.

In a comment on VG writes han scartveit About the content of videos and audio messages shared by Hamas terrorists who carried out the October 7 attack. Many terrorists called their parents at home and bragged about the number of Jews they had killed. Others posted videos of how they expelled Jewish families from their homes and then killed everyone indiscriminately.

The Hamas leadership had no doubt about the kind of anger the attack would arouse in Israel and Jews.

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There is no doubt that this conflict, like all other conflicts, has two sides. Both of them will demand their rights, and there are many historical circumstances that affect the perception of reality.

We can say a lot about the approach adopted by Israel’s democratically elected governments. However, it is strange to note how easy it is to jump on the rhetoric of Hamas and other Palestinian groups.

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According to the slogans raised during the various pro-Palestine demonstrations, there is no doubt about the goal of these organizations. The slogans are almost a direct call for the destruction of Israel, with all that entails.

One of the most widely used slogans is “Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad is coming again” which means “Khaybar, the Jews of Khaybar, the army of Muhammad is coming again”.

This slogan, which rhymes well in Arabic and is said tactfully, refers to what happened in the Khaybar Oasis in the seventh century when Muhammad’s army attacked Jewish villages and entered to slaughter a number of Jews and expel the rest.

Unfortunately, these are not empty slogans.

We see clear traces of this type of Jew-hatred in some Islamic groups in many European countries.

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After the Hamas attack on Israel, Jews in Germany witnessed events reminiscent of what happened in Germany in the 1930s. Jewish homes were marked with the Star of David, and a Jewish community center was firebombed. The center itself was completely destroyed during the Holocaust, and has since been rebuilt.

In an article published by the Wall Street Journal, a Jewish man said that an Arab spit on him while he was walking with friends in central Berlin. They are said to have been identified as Jews because they spoke Hebrew.

In France, anti-Semitism has become noticeably more visible and present. After the Hamas attack on Israel, attacks on Jews in France increased. Jewish schoolchildren were reported to have been subjected to verbal and physical attacks by their Muslim classmates. The threat level was seen as so dire that 10,000 police officers were assigned to guard more than 500 Jewish-owned items.

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One might wonder why schoolchildren consider it acceptable to attack fellow students because of their religious affiliation.

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If we move away from the demonstrations in Europe and look at the so-called Palestinian resistance organizations, we see that their goal is not in the interest of the Jews.

The main goal of a number of Islamist groups in Israel’s neighborhood is to reclaim the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. It’s not necessarily unproblematic. What we do know is that the number of Jews in all Muslim countries has decreased dramatically, and in some Muslim countries there are barely any Jews.

This reality in itself is an indicator of what will happen to the Jews living in Israel today if the slogan “From the River to the Sea” is fulfilled.

You find almost no Jewish politicians in Muslim countries. In comparison, the Arab population living in Israel has their own political parties, representatives in the Knesset and serve in Israel’s defense.

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Hamas was also aware of the consequences of such an attack, but it chose to carry out this action in the hope of creating commitment to the so-called Palestinian cause.

But there should be no doubt that the Hamas leadership was fully aware of the anger they were going to arouse when they opened fire on civilians and chanted.

Hamas spokesman Ghazi Hamad said in an interview with Lebanese television that the October 7 attack, called the “Al-Aqsa Flood,” will be repeated several times. When the broadcaster interrupts him to say that this has a price, he responds by saying that this is a price that we must pay through sacrifices.

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Of course, we do not mean the leadership of Hamas and their families who live in Turkey, the Arab Gulf, and Israel. Ghazi is fully aware that it is the Palestinian civilian population that must pay the price for Hamas’s promises to annihilate Israel and the Jews.

The Hamas spokesman does not hold back on his promises. He says that all Palestinian lands must be liberated, and this, of course, means the annihilation of Israel. Although very few of the truce claimants care much about the Jews, perhaps they should think a little about what he says.

It must be clear that Hamas and other Islamic organizations that aim to annihilate Israel and with it the Jews are not waging a liberation struggle.

Their only goal is to fuel their own cause, which is largely about continuing the struggle for themselves and their leadership. The well-being of the Palestinian people is secondary.

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