It can burn, but won’t be banned from driving – VG

It can burn, but won't be banned from driving - VG
Remember: Ford states that in very rare cases, an oil leak from the engine block may occur. Oil may end up in the lower shield of the engine compartment due to insufficient airflow. Thus the oil can become a catalyst for a fire because this is close to the exhaust system.

Ford is calling the last-generation Kuga in both hybrids. A fire may occur in the engine compartment. The vehicle has been called for a fire hazard once before.


– We take this very seriously, Ford Motor Norway writes to VG.

It says a total of three incidents have been reported in Europe with the Kuga plug-in and Kuga hybrid, where an engine failure led to a fire under the hood.

– We have no cases in Norway and no driving ban has been issued.

In Norway, there are 2,883 cars that have to go to a workshop for what is described as a quick fix.

The owners have already been contacted.

This is not the first time this fire hazard model has been called out.

Writes August 2020, copies produced before June 2020 have been withdrawn engine.

Then the plug to the battery charging unit had to be checked. In extreme cases, a damaged plug can cause the battery to overheat, which in turn can lead to a fire.

Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Wheels can break off – windshield fly

This is not the first recall for Ford or other automakers recently. Here are some of them:

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  • A total of 18,000 copies of the electric car Ford Mustang Mach-E It was recalled in September 2021, after it was discovered that the front window and The glass roof may leak or come off.
  • The same car was recalled in June, in nearly 50,000 copies, due to a security error. that it Danger of overheating, which can cause the vehicle to not start or to lose momentum suddenly. The phrase “Stand now safely” will appear in the instrument panel. Delivery of cars pending repair in the program has been discontinued.
  • Porsche remember Electric Taycan recently. Here, there is an exposed wire under the front seats that can be damaged when the seats are pushed back and forth. In the event of a cable break, Seat belt pretensioners and airbags They are kicked out of the game.
  • Before Toyota could properly start delivering the bz4X electric vehicle, it was recalled. reason: Wheels can fall off! Nearly 5,000 cars were delivered, a few of them in Norway. In sharp turns or during sudden braking, wheel bolts can loosen. Car delivery has been stopped and the car has been banned from driving. The error also applies The Subaru Solterra twin model.
  • In May it became known that Remembers Tesla Approximately 130 thousand cars to improve the infotainment system, which may also heat up during fast charging. to me CNN Tesla has made seven recalls for the Model 3 this year and six for the Model Y. All improvements have been done by Over-the-air updatesso that the owners do not have to visit the workshop.
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Toyota bz4x.

Repeated twice as often

American news agency Axios They reviewed recalls and concluded that electric cars account for more failures than combustion engine cars.

The reason is that electric cars have a number of new functions and are often subject to so-called periodic errors, errors that come and go and are difficult to predict.

Axios writes that new technology such as advanced infotainment systems, luxury door handles and driving assistance systems are also prone to errors.

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