– It can get messy – VG

- It can get messy - VG
QUEUE: The audience is on their way to the concert area in Bjerke.

Police anticipate challenges when 60,000 spectators return home at the same time after the evening metal concert. Even before the concert, there is chaos in the queue as a result of problems with the ticket system, according to TV2.


The stage is set for German metal, Huge Flame Show And perhaps a historically large sea of ​​people northeast of Oslo on Sunday.

TV2 One of the guards the channel spoke to reported that there was chaos in the queue as half of the ticket scanning system went down.

Do you have information regarding ticket issues? Contact a VG . journalist over here.

60,000 bought tickets to see German metal band Rammstein at the Bjerke track.

It can be a little messy, says Oslo Police District Operations Director Per-Ivar Iversen to VG.

The police concern is about the logistics.

The carrier Ruter had previously warned against holding a concert in the Bjerke trotbane, Since there are few public transportation options nearby.

The concert organizer has prepared Shuttle Buses to and from the event. But tickets are already sold out on Saturday.

Highway 4 closed

Road Traffic Center memory On Sunday morning, road traffic in the area will be significantly reduced before the concert.

At 6 p.m., they announced that Highway 4 was closed in the direction of Gelerasen for passenger cars.

– Several motorists stopped along the road to drop off passengers, so the police closed the department until further notice, Vegtrafikksentralen writes in Twitter.

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Last time: Ramstein played at Olival Stadium in Oslo two years ago.

Gates opened at 4 pm on Sunday. The concert is expected to start at 8.30pm and end at 11pm.

When everyone returns home, Iversen says, challenges are likely to arise.

Everyone wants to go home at the same time. And then there will be a lot of people moving around at the same time.

Police in Oslo have appointed a separate task manager for the concert.

– Are you worried that there will be noise?

No, the traffic aspect is a concern. We have no indication of disruptions, Iverson says.

Going here: The Bjerke Baking Trail is in the Bjerke District, northeast of central Oslo, towards Marka.
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There are also no parking options in the square, according to security director Jürgen Asse, who believes many will have to find alternative ways to get home.

– We hope a lot of people walk. I recommend that people take some time outside the ring, and not push towards the exits. Take it easy, he told VG on Saturday, and don’t expect to be home in such a short time.

According to the organizer, the size of Sunday’s concert could be historic.

– This will be the biggest concert in the history of Norway, if you talk about the spectators and the scope of the concert, said Mark Vaughan of the organizing company All Things Live to daily newspaper Thursday.

PSSST! The last time a German metal band visited Oslo was two years ago, and got the concert roll the dice 6 By VG Reviewer.

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