– It comes from the heart – VG

- It comes from the heart - VG
BID UP: Vilde Ingstad in a dance with Thale Rushfeldt Deila after a dramatic interference in the Norwegian defence.

LJUBLJANA (VG) (Norway – Hungary 32-22) A bad start turned into a great victory. Vilde Ingstad surpassed his scoring record in the national team, but was more jubilant in defence.


The army commander cheered after each intervention and spread the aggressiveness and eventually also the joy around him. Sweden (Saturday), Slovenia (Mon) and Denmark (Wednesday) are now waiting in the main round of the European Commission. Norway is two points ahead of the other countries and has earned a perfect starting point for the rest of the tournament.

And one of the highlights is Vilde Ingstad. It poured out on Tuesday night.

It’s about diffusion of energy. It is fun to play handball when there is energy around you. Then it comes from the heart, Vilde Ingstad tells VG. It describes performance in the field as conscious and subconscious. “The Dance” with Thale Rushfeldt Della was the last.

Spontaneous reaction, you smile.

Ingstad scored eight goals from just nine shots. In doing so, the Oslo girl equaled her personal record from 100 previous international matches. Together with goalkeeper Györ Selberg Ostassel, Hungary gave a real match.

Solberg-Østhassel made a save after saving, but it was Ingstad who was named Man of the Match.

– I am used to feeding all the linen workers I play with. Vilde responds well to prosecution. eat and receive. It’s so much fun. A great match on her part, once again, Nora Mork tells TV3.

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It’s fun to play with your good teammates, says Ingstad of the interaction between Mørk and his teammates.

But it started very slowly with four fouls and two missed shots for Norway.

Hungary took a 0-3 lead after four minutes. Nora Mork, Stein Bridal Oftedal, and Henny Ristad struggled with precision. It took nearly seven minutes before Velde Ingstad scored Norway’s first goal.

National team coach Thorer Hergersson is happy that they took the test.

– You’ll get a tan. You are mobilized and you get some issues that you can work on during and after the match. We are very humbled that we will play our best if we want to fulfill the dream of playing for medals, Hergerson tells TV3.

“I think it was very good for us,” says Stein-Bridal Oftedal.

Wingers Sneva Ness Andersen and Stein Skogrand scored a goal each in the first half of the half, but both missed two attempts in the second half against Hungary goalkeeper Melinda Sikora.

But in the end Silje Solberg-Østhassel took up the show. He finished with 22 saves.

– Very fun to play. We do better in the back of the field, she tells VG and boasts of the “joy of fencing” for the defenders.

The Norwegian goalkeeper saved nine shots before the break and was the centerpiece of the Norwegian turn. The defensive game increased and Hungary lost the small speed advantage it had at the start.

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Vilde Ingstad was the number one female fighter in Norway. Ultimately, Kristen Bristol and Thale Rochfeldt entered Della with good defensive play.

Going forward, Mørk took the lead with five assists to score and also fired his ninth straight free throw in EC. He put the Esbjerg player’s radar on his friend Ingstad. The full-back entered the first half with four goals and was awarded a penalty kick.

Henny Rystad also got four perfect marks.

A pleasure to watch, Caroline Diehr-Privang, Expert at FiPlay.

Malin Oni sent Norway into the lead for the first time after 25 minutes. In the first half it was 14-12. The candidates returned to the driver’s seat.

1 / 7

The tone is set.

In the second half, Norway did not look back and played Hungary.

Solberg-Østhassel made saves, Mørk played silk passes, Bredal Oftedal played better in the match and Ingstad continued to score.

The Norwegian goalkeeper saved most of the body. Finally also with the head. Hungarian Dorina Corsus was sent off two minutes into the unstressed finish.

After victories over Croatia, Switzerland and Hungary, comes the main round – after a four-day break – on Saturday evening. Norway is the only team with a four-point lead.

– We are happy to be playing with a full pot, but there will be no rest, says Mork before the game against Sweden on Saturday. At WC last year, there was a big drama without a winner against “Beautiful Sister”: 30-30.

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