December 6, 2022


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- It cost a lot - VG

– It cost a lot – VG

OWN CLASS: Johannes Høsflot Klæbo celebrates his quick World Cup victory. In the back, Thomas Hyland Larsen skates to second, ahead of Richard Goff.

LILLEHAMMER (VG) Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (25) showed his usual supremacy once again in the race after a sponsorship fight. That coach and grandfather, Kåre Høsflot, was there, which means a lot.


“It’s so nice and good to be back again, and to feel that the body is where it should be,” Klæbo tells VG.

The speed at the end of Klæbo was absolutely fantastic. He was not threatened in the race, and celebrated his 41st World Cup victory in front of the crowd, where the family was also present. Including the coach and the grandfather Kåre Høsflot who recently had a stroke.

Being able to be here to watch cross-country skiing means a lot to him. He doesn’t think it’s fun watching cross-country skiing on TV when he knows what it can be like on the field. It means a lot that he’s here. Klæbo tells VG it would be something extra special to win.

This has been a turbulent week for Klæbo because of care.

– I’m so glad I can turn around. I spent a lot of energy and time skiing as fast as possible today. This is what is standardized. Klæbo says managing it is a good feeling that you are in control of your head in important situations and that the body is where it needs to be.

– How much did it cost?

“It cost a lot, of course, but I’m so glad I can stand here and smile after a good ski race,” Klæbo answers.

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Last weekend, Klæbo was forced to take second place behind Russian Alexander Terentjeev, his first sprint defeat to a foreign competitor in three years.

Thomas Hyland Larsen (23), who is not in the national team, provided the Norwegian double against Richard Gauff with the first podium of his World Cup career. Thus, it joins the debate over a place on the Olympic team, where the sprint is the freestyle.

It’s very ill, says Hyland Larsen, who has only finished 26 and 48 in the World Cup before.

– Absolutely raw, Norconsult coach Ola Kvisle says of his student to VG.

– Then suddenly Thomas at the Olympic game. Kvisle says it shows to be very relevant, which is incredible.

Bahavard Solas Taugboul, Laurie Vorinen and Markus Grat ended up taking the podium.

It was the storm Klebo this week. Adressa revealed that he did not use the Ski Association’s sponsor and licensee Viaplay logo on the suit last weekend.

Klæbo believes that cooperation is a problem for credibility. Klæbo’s plan was for him to continue protesting, but on Thursday the issue took a new turn and he still agreed to use the logo.

The Norwegian Ski Association and Klæbo agreed not to agree. Klæbo . influenced Thursday press conferenceMany figure skating experts believe that there is a power struggle between the athlete and the association.

Eric Valnes, one of the top candidates, smoked in the semi-finals. Even Northug and Finn Hågen Krogh did the same.

– Hold on, Valens tells NRK.

Haakon Skanes, Pål Golberg and Sindre Bjørnestad Skar thanked each other in the quarter-finals. Emil Iversen went out front in the race for the second weekend in a row.

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employment The women’s side won Maja Dalqvist In front of Jesse Diggins and Terrell Odnis Wong.