November 28, 2022


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It costs a little, goes a long way

It costs a little, goes a long way

Expensive electric cars from Audi, Tesla and BMW dominate the bestseller list. However, the range of affordable electric cars is greater than ever. It is still possible to buy a new electric car for less than NOK 300,000. The cheapest Nissan Leaf, showing an overview of the 15 cheapest electric cars in Norway.

In the Leaf, you get a brand new car with a five-year warranty for NOK 229,900. Admittedly, it has the smallest battery and has a range of only 270 kilometers. Even if you choose the Leaf with its large battery and a range of 385 kilometers, it costs less than NOK 300,000.

Chinese winners

The second cheapest electric car is the Mazda MX-30, which despite its range of only 200 km, has become very popular in Norway.

The most for the money: The Chinese MG 4 is one of the new electric cars that gives you the most mileage for the money. Photo: Ron Korsvall
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For many, range is a key word when buying a new electric vehicle. Chinese MG and Byd cars give you the most range for the money.

MG has two of its 15 cheapest cars, with the new MG4 compact SUV being the most exciting. It costs from NOK 318,000 and gives you a range of up to 435 kilometers, as tested by WLTP. When it comes to giving the most for the money, the ‘old’ MG ZS EV is only beat.

Most for the money

To look at it a little differently: for the new MG4, you’re paying NOK 731 for every kilometer you get. For the Norwegian best-selling Tesla Model Y, which costs around NOK 600,000 and has a range of 533 km, the ‘new car’ kilometer price is NOK 1,126.

The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, which you see on almost every street corner in big cities, will cost you NOK 2,449 per kilometer of range. It costs around NOK 1.2 million and up, but has a range of no more than 490 kilometers.

Big price increase

While it’s still possible to get a new, affordable electric car, the price of most of the cars on our top 15 list has risen sharply in the past year alone – many of them have risen in price between NOK 30,000 and 40,000. For example, the Kia e-soul has increased from 289,900 NOK to 329,900 NOK. The 2008 Peugeot e-2008 cost NOK 299,900 this spring, but now costs NOK 329,900.

One of the few that has not become more expensive is the Nissan Leaf. This gives it a prominent place among the cheapest electric cars in Norway at the moment. It also explains why it is still one of the most popular in Norway, despite the fact that it is now in its fifth year.

The 14 cheapest electric cars


kilowatt battery

range km

NOK price

Nissan Leaf 40.0 270 229,900 NOK
Mazda MX-30 35.5 200 263,900 Norwegian kroner
Fiat 500 42.0 310 299,900 NOK
Honda E 35.5 222 299,900 NOK
Mini E 32.6 231 308,900 NOK
Peugeot e-208 50.0 362 309,900 NOK
Hyundai Kona Electric 39.2 305 311,900 Norwegian kroner
Opel Corsa E 50.0 359 312,900 Norwegian kroner
Citroën E-C4 50.0 357 314,900 NOK
Opel Mokka E 50.0 338 322,900 Norwegian kroner
MG ZS EV 69.9 440 317,990 Norwegian kroner
MG 4 64.0 435 318,000 NOK
Kia E Soul 39.7 276 329,900 NOK
Peugeot e-2008 50.0 330 329,900 NOK

Source: Importers’ websites and vehicle data from the Road Traffic Information Board. Some prices are promotional prices for a limited time. Many cars are available with larger batteries and better range.

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