January 29, 2023


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- It has always been the case that one tears oneself into the hair of youth - Dagsavisen

– It has always been the case that one tears oneself into the hair of youth – Dagsavisen

whose: Marte Roa Syvertsen (40), grew up in Hokksund, now lives in Drammen

what: Syvertsen is a physician in the Department of Neurology at Drammen Hospital, and has written his doctorate on adolescent epilepsy and the functions of the brain’s forehead lobe. She is a lecturer, columnist, and author of The Human Brain.

Why: She is currently working on the book The Brain of Youth: Wild and Visionary.

Hey Marty. You can’t start talking about the road from the book «the human mind» To the Young Brain book?

Yes, the brain is a big topic, and a lot has been written about it before, but I was curious about what makes us human beings so distinct from other species. Man is at the top of the food chain, we have no need to fear but ourselves. Throughout history, mankind has gone through an amazing development, and we have acquired extensive knowledge of the world around us. Much of the explanation for human uniqueness lies in the brain, right up front. But this forehead patch isn’t quite as developed as young adults, so a new book project was the answer to why young people are what they are.

Yes, I think the title «The Young Mind: Brutal and Visionary» It sums up well how I think young people are. What is your opinion behind this?

Wilderness and visionary may have some contradictions. But young people are often more open to new ideas and new acquaintances than we adults are and not the least are more creative. Wilder’s way they can’t draw lines in the future. This means that young adults take more risks than adults, are more impulsive and become more addicted to drugs. On the other hand, they are more open to change, new people and new solutions.

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What is your main message in the book?

Everything that happens in adolescence can be explained in terms of processes in the brain. Therefore, it is important to understand what happens in the brain when it is not fully developed as it is in adults.

But can an undeveloped forehead patch then be to blame? He may have reassured many parents.

– Lol no. There are other factors at play as well. There are other parts of the brain that are relevant here, too. The sensory center is likely to be more receptive to sex hormones and can give strong feedback with the forehead.

Is there a difference in the forehead patch for boys and girls after that?

– There are many who ask. Girls develop forehead lobes earlier than boys, often a year or two in development. The second is that testosterone in boys can reduce forehead activity, so boys are statistically more impulsive and take a higher risk than girls.

But in adolescence, you have to make choices that shape life, like choices to study. Are young people ready to make that choice?

– When the system was linked together, they did not have this information. I mean, the guys haven’t arrived yet. Then you should do your best to get out of the situation by directing safe adults to them and providing information. But often young people can be very confused about all the options. Then you have to remember that in Norway we have good arrangements, you are allowed to regret and the road gets a little longer while walking.

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What advice would you give parents who feel overwhelmed by processes in the brain?

– I am neither a psychologist nor a young father. So, I rely on the advice they come with. A safe environment is very important. They should direct, take initiative and create routines so that young people can try their hand at a safe, high-ceilinged environment.

Is there anything you can do as a parent to ensure that development is going in the right direction?

We don’t know much about why development progresses faster in some, but development occurs up to the age of 25. Again, it is important to pay attention. Love from good caregivers is important. We also know that if you don’t get it, you may struggle as an adult with an underdeveloped forehead patch.

Now I feel we have to say something positive about young people as well. Are there any positive aspects of having a forehead patch that is not developed?

– Yes sure. This means that young people learn quickly. They are more open to ideas and people. They are better at creating a community than us adults.

So what we old people tend to say about things that were better in the old days and that today’s youth is such and such, is it wrong?

– Yes, we now know that a lot is due to processes in the brain, but it always will be, someone who rips the hair of youth.

Then we have some persistent questions: Who is your childhood hero?

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– The author must be Roald Dahl, but also his character Matilda. She was a very smart little miss.

What do you do when you go out?

– Eat a lot of ice cream.

How much ice cream?

A little snow, haha.

What would you like to go on a demonstration train for or against?

– I went on a demonstration train of something terrible going on in Ukraine. That’s exactly what got me out of the house.

Is there anything you regret?

– Although I am very happy with my work, I am sorry that I did not study psychology instead of medicine.

Who are you hanging with in the elevator?

– Ole Andreassen, a psychiatrist and head of the Norwegian Center for Research on Mental Disorders (NORMENT). Perhaps it was a very stupid conversation about what they found out now. And in case I develop claustrophobia, it can save me from this situation as well.

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