It hasn’t happened in decades

It hasn’t happened in decades

Emerald Bay, a popular destination on the southwestern shore of Lake Tahoe, is covered in ice during the colder months of the winter, but has reportedly not completely frozen over since the early 1990s.

That was until last week, when temperatures in the region dipped below freezing.

“It’s very common for it to freeze a little, especially along the banks, but it’s very unusual for it to freeze completely, as it does now,” says Caitlin Jackson of California State Parks. SFGate.

It was last frozen in the 90’s

Jackson ran to see for herself when she heard rumors that the lake was frozen. Your photo has appeared as Government Authority Photo of the Week the news.

It is believed that Emerald Bay was completely covered with ice in 1993 and 1989.

– Before that, we have to go back to the fifties, says Jackson, who confirms that they are not entirely sure of this.

California State Parks is urging potential visitors to postpone trips to the area for the next few days, as the expected storm is expected to create very difficult road conditions and a high potential for flooding.

It was badly damaged by severe weather

The Lake Tahoe region is particularly affected by the harsh winter weather that grips California.

The responsible authorities were unable to remove the heavy amounts of snow that caused dangerous driving conditions, destroyed buildings, power outages and evacuated residents in vulnerable areas.

– It’s a very heavy winter. It’s getting to the point where I’m seeing deep snow in places I’ve never seen before, says Scott Elliott of California State Parks. Watchman.

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It is reported that the snowy weather has limited public access to state parks. Some are completely enclosed, as their crews search for new places to store plowed snow, and clear ways to secure critical infrastructure.

We try to make sure surfaces are clean and people are safe. Our focus is on ensuring that some of our basic needs are met. Our maintenance staff is constantly working on this.

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