– It hurts – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– It hurts – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– That scream is horrific. She simply drives to Otstad on her feet. oh my. I’ve never seen that before, says Magnus Krogs√¶ter Are from TV 2.

The person in the Arkea-Samsic sports car quickly got out of the car and wanted to turn off the cameras around him.

“I’m so sorry,” he said when he got out of the car.

We were talking about racing and suddenly a car came running over my ankles and my feet. Utstad says you are feeling a bit panicked, it hurts a lot TV 2.

And you could clearly hear that it was painful, because while the car was at my feet, I screamed loudly.

– So shout there. It’s horror. Reaction to being frightened properly. If she hadn’t cried so loudly, she wouldn’t have reacted, says TV2 expert Emma Johansson.

Bruises and cuts

Magnus Drevnis witnessed the dramatic incident.

– It was shocking. It was the Arkea-Samsic that drove despite nowhere. He waved to our photographer who was standing there, but he was the one who drove the car even though there was nowhere. Totally reckless driving, says TV 2 expert.

Fortunately, he came up with reassuring words about Norway’s cycling hope, Otestad.

Mai is doing well, she has some bruises and cuts, but she’s doing fine other than that. He was standing on her foot without seemingly able to free her. The whole thing was dramatic.

– It feels a little sore now, but I’ll make it ice. The Uno-X rider says he’s good until tomorrow.

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monster coup

The accident happened on a day when there was a monster rollover 45 kilometers from the finish line.

This year’s Tour de France saw dozens of inversions. There are jittery riders in there and riding their first Tour de France, Dreyves explains. But during Thursday’s stage it was very calm before the coup.

– When things on the field are calmer than before, many people drop their shoulders and can easily lose focus, Dreyfuss tells NRK.

Otstad finished 43rd in Thursday’s race. The best Norwegian was Anne Dorthe Ysland, who reached 21st place.

DSM’s gorgeous Lorena Webbs took her second stage victory ahead of Elisa Balsamo and Marian Voss.

The latter still leads the summary after five stages.

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