June 6, 2023


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It is better to do a quick test on the throat and nose

It is better to do a quick test on the throat and nose

In recent months, many of us have become aware of the rapid tests for corona.

According to the instructions for use, before sticking a stick in a liquid, insert a stick in the nose. Before eagerly waiting for one or two lines, the liquid is dripped onto a board.

Two lines indicate a positive test, and one line indicates a negative.

Swallow and nose

On the other hand, if you do a PCR test at a test station, you will get a stick in both the throat and nose.

Anne Sparkland, an immunologist and physician, thinks it would be a wise idea to do this at home. The package insert, however, states that the stick should only be used on the nose.

– Even if you hit the back of the throat with a stick first, I do not see that using the same stick in the nose should be a problem. But Sparkland tells TV2 that this is not compatible with package insertion.

– May be in the throat

The reason the immunologist thinks this is a good idea is that there may be local differences in where the virus is located.

Speaking of quick tests: the virus may be in the throat, not in the nose. Solution: Sparkland writes on Twitter about others who first took a sample from the throat and then put the same stick in the nose and shared photos of quick tests taken on the throat and nose, respectively.

– Knowledgeable

American immunologist Paul Bleacher also thinks it might have been a good idea to do a quick throat test.

– Since the main location of Omigron is in other airways, I will no longer take a sample in the throat after 15 seconds in each nostril. I understand this, but he writes on Twitter that he does not need to be instructive to others.

Wait for the answer: After the sample is taken, drop a few drops of liquid on the test. Then you have to wait for a negative or positive response. Photo: Truls Aagedal / TV 2

Assistant Health Director Espen Rostrup tells Nuxstad TV 2 that it is difficult to self-examine from the throat without inducing vomiting reactions.

– Therefore, the recommendation so far is to take the sample from the front of the nose. The FHI constantly evaluates which testing procedures are most accurate with the virus variants and testing equipment we have. He says experts at FHI will evaluate Omigran’s testing experience in future enhanced recommendations.

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