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– He lives alone in Myanmar and his family is at home in Norway. It is clear that this is very demanding. He has been in Myanmar for more than a year.

Breake says Telenor management talks to him daily to find as good solutions as possible. Norwegian foreign officials are also involved.

Unrest has ravaged the country It regained power on February 1 last year through a military coup. Since then, large-scale protests have taken place in the country.

The regime’s military forces have killed more than a thousand people, imprisoned thousands and suppressed mass protests since the coup.

Myanmar: This picture was taken in 2014 in Yangon, Myanmar, where people stand outside Telenor’s SIM card shops.

Photo: Khin Maung Win / AP

Telenor will sell its mobile operations in the country to Lebanese investment firm M1 Group. Seven months after the sale, Telenor has not yet received approval for the transaction.

730 employees

Brake says he is concerned about the safety of all employees.

– We have 730 employees in Myanmar. This is one of the things we have been most concerned about for over a year since the military took over. The country is in a state of war and international laws and regulations are not playing out. That’s part of the reason we can no longer be in the country. By analyzing many more solutions, we have found that sales for us are a less bad solution, says Breake.

Telenor employees in Myanmar Has tried to thwart the activities of the country They were sold to a company they believed had close ties to the country’s military regime.

Last summer, Telenor announced that they were sellingBut sales have not gone up yet.

Officials say they want to keep leading Telenor employees on the ground until they make it clear whether we should be allowed to sell the business or not.. That’s the reason, says Breake.

What did you specifically do to take the person home?

I can not go into all the conversations we have, but we have used all possible alternatives and fortunately have succeeded in getting many out. “Now we are working with the Norwegian authorities to find a solution,” he said.

Try every day

When asked if it was appropriate to close the Telenor deal Expel the Norwegians, says Breake At Telenor Waiting for a response from the authorities in the country, the company submitted the application several months ago.

We wait and see, meanwhile trying to handle the current situation with the senior staff on the ground. Fortunately, we have received assistance from Norwegian foreign officials to see if we can find solutions, says Breake.

Do you believe the Norwegian employee can go home once the sales process is complete?

Yes, that’s what we expect, that’s what officials say. But we try every day to bring the employee and others into this highly demanding situation, says Breake.

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