June 8, 2023


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- It just hurts - VG

– It just hurts – VG

Homecoming: Alexandre Bonsaksen and Selge Norendael, here on the red carpet during Elle’s party in 2019.

Aleksander Ponsaksen returns to the Fjordkraft League after nearly eight years abroad. But he dropped the chance to play for Oslo in his heart.


Even if Vålerenga according to Nitin Making a final push on Wednesday morning to secure Bonsaksen’s return to Jordal and Oslo East, Frisk Asker instead confirms that they have reached an agreement with the 35-year-old.

This makes Jonas Elsing diamond in the clan’s hockey group desperate. He couldn’t bear to watch the press conference as Bonsaxen was introduced at Asker’s ice rink.

The national team defender isn’t just anyone in Vålerenga. This was where he took the step from a junior player to two terms at the top level. At that time, he also became a familiar face of the club externally through the TV series “Ice Warriors”.

– It hurts first and foremost that such a big profile choose Frisk Asker in front of Vålerenga. Almis said, since the situation is with us now, you can also understand why it is like this.

He notes that Vålerenga is hockey without a sporting director, president and assistant coach on Team A. He believes there is nothing in place to run a competitive ice hockey club. A supportive leader says that very few in the environment feel the same feelings as he does.

There are no happy things on the assembly line during the day. I think a few of them are frustrated with this situation. Many expected things to work out themselves on the “new Jordal”. That there will be buckets (prizes) in buckets and buckets. It certainly did not happen. One gets the impression that things have to go by themselves. He says it turns out it shouldn’t.

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At Asker, the atmosphere was completely different. Athletic director Vidar Wolde Bonsaxen offered a two-year contract. After receiving the word, the national team defender took the opportunity to boast that Friske Asker had acted very kindly in the process from the start.

– There is no doubt that Asker is serious, the conversations I had and explained the club’s strategy, the organization, the objectives and that they would be a great team and win… that excites me a lot. With the conditions here, with a great new hall, thriving organization and working professionally from head to toe, it would be very interesting.

The opportunity to take Bonsaxen comes after he decided to end his nearly eight-year foreign adventure in Finland.

Fiancé Selge Norendal, 35, and her daughter have packed the moving burden of settling down in Norway once again. There will be no return to Vålerenga. Instead, he will play in Asker next season.